Into The Still Blue (this one kinda turned into a rant)

This morning I noticed that one of the top searches in the blogosphere was: “Does Perry ever tell Aria he rendered to her?”

I wasn’t planning to write a review but I just HAD to discuss this……The answer, which left me totally frustrated is NO…No he doesn’t…

I’m half way through a second read through here and while I DID read the darn thing in one sitting the first time I was on the lookout for that conversation ( apparently I was not alone).

It isn’t there.

And that sucks.

I have REALLY enjoyed this series, it isn’t life altering and it doesn’t have a ”message” or  call on the reader to question life the universe and everything….At it’s core, the story is a romance… But it was a lovely one I enjoyed reading it and I am straight up disappointed by the omission.

The thing is, Rossi lead us to believe that Perry telling Ari he is Rendered to her was an IMPORTANT conversation. Even though WE knew that Aria  knew he had rendered to her (and I suppose one could argue that Perry could have guessed that due to her awesome Aud. sense or whatever she had overheard him talking with Reef) it was still a conversation we wanted to experience. Actually,  I don’t think the word “Rendered” came up EVER…in the whole book…WHY?? Was being Rendered a little cheesy?? YES! Yes. It. Was! But cheesy doesn’t mean it the readers didn’t LIKE it and being Rendered was a part of the story from the beginning…to leave it out of the third book felt odd. (okokokok OK someone is going to point out that conversation in the hover where he tells her he can “feel” her wanting him….But that DOES NOT COUNT…it just doesn’t. If that was supposed the be the “conversation” I want to register my complaint)

In fact I was a little disappointed how little ANY of the senses were used or discussed… it ’s not that they weren’t in the book, but they certainly weren’t important the way they were in the first two installments. Call me lame, but I totally missed them. I love a little bit O paranormal scifi magic and what not…It’s one of the things that drew me into this series…so why let it fall by the wayside??

As a whole I still really liked Into the Still Blue, it ended almost exactly how I hoped it would  although it took a different route to get there than I had imagined. I  was left feeling satisfied…mostly.

I had some leftover questions and I HAD hoped there would be a solution for more than just the 800 people who could fit on the hovers (presumably everyone else dies???)

I just wanted a little more from Ari ,Perry and the relationships in general. Something was missing that made the book feel hollow…. In the first two books the relationships between characters were what made the story excellent, here there was something missing. The lack of the “I’m Rendered to you” chat was not so much a defining problem as it was a representation of all the little bits of the story that felt like they got lost somewhere between the quest to save Cinder, Steal the Hovers, escape Sabel and find the Still Blue.

The story as a whole was still a good one. I laughed, I cried (Cinder…NOOOO)  I still loved Aria, Perry and Roar (I even liked Soren and Brooke although not so much Loran)  and I couldn’t put it down.
If you liked the first two you should read it. Apparently I liked it enough to read it twice.

Like I said …I didn’t intend to write this…

sometimes I just can’t let a good conversation (or lack thereof) pass me by.

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