Prodigy. (I confess. I’m nuts)


Lets talk about how I’m crazy yeah??

Every so often…. I can be a little obsessive, just a tad, a teeny tiny tid-bit …occasionally it works in my favor. For example: when I took Physics, I could barely remember how to add and I thought SOHCAHTOA was probably a small town in Wisconsin but that stubborn obsessive thing kicked right into high gear and I managed a 93% (I was extremely lucky to have a Prof. willing to explain a few remedial math concepts and not throw me out on my caboose) Other times however….well…

I’m that person who listens to the same six songs over and over again, who will see a movie three times and when it comes to books….

lord help me!

A great book is like comfort food. I don’t know where you are in the country but I’m shivering away up here in Chiberia. Obviously the only way to deal with the frozen tundra this city has become is to hibernate. And the proper way to hibernate is by curling up in your reading chair with your favorite book the moment you ride your tauntaun in from the sub zero temperatures of Hoth (formerly known and Chicago)

*If you haven’t seen that meme btw it was so amazing I have to share…


Really…that’s how its been for the past month! Anyway for me this winter my comfort food books have been The Legend Series. I’m not going to admit exactly how many times I re-read them I WILL tell you that every time I close Champion I wish it hadn’t ended.

Here’s the thing. When I’ve read a book a million times like that I start to wonder about small details. If I can’t picture a character (see Legend blog) or if I can’t imagine how something would work it drives me nuts and I simply MUST find a way to see it in my head….

And WHAT you ask, does all this have to do with Prodigy??? Well…. Ya know that paperclip ring (if you’ve read it…OF COURSE you know the paperclip ring….if you haven’t… I really, really, really think you should). So. I couldn’t quite picture it.

And then this happened………….


Thats just a sampling. I think I spent a solid month pulling apart and folding paperclips at work. Yeah. I know… what can I say “I had a little time” (a LOT actually…I spend a LOT of time on hold with insurance ) I was actually never successful in recreating the ring (by hand..without tools) I think I managed some kick ass bracelets though? In the end I decided that the paperclips in the republic are CLEARLY more pliable.

Prodigy wasn’t quite my favorite of the three books (Champion was) but I loved it all the same.  I truly appreciated that despite the incredibly difficult circumstances June and Day are faced with (politically and emotionally) when push comes to shove they  make decisions that are motivated by love for the other.

Half way through Prodigy there were a few moments when Tess is all angry and Day is questioning June’s loyalty that I thought Oh geez here we go with the obligatory second book angst… It was reasonable of course, for Day to have conflicted feelings about June. It also made sense that Tess would be hella pissed that he was in love with her (we’ll chat about Tess in a sec). But that didn’t mean I was happy about reading it. I was starting to get concerned that the book was about to spiral into one of those never-ending vortexes of broodiness and anger where the characters make the same mistakes again and again, fail to trust each other and you kinda want to bash your head against a wall (*coughInsurgent/Allegiantcough*) But then… a magical thing happened!  Despite all that bitterness, insecurity and sadness Day is experiencing, when June dramatically abandons the patriots plans  he heeds her warning and makes the decision to go with her, to trust her! I was SO relieved.  The fight they have in the tunnel shortly there after was an even better example of what made me so happy with this book: Day admits he blames June for his families demise and bitter words are exchanged. June to her unending credit accepts Day’s anger she takes responsibility and does not try to explain herself. In return hours later (after a rather fantastic combat lesson) when June falls ill Day immediately sets aside his feelings to care for her and carry them both to safety. It really was beautiful.      A lovely little reminder of what love should look like.

Because love isn’t always (or even often) about epic sacrifices, most of the time it’s about learning to understand when to let go, empathize and set another’s needs above your own (something most of us need to work on) it’s the little things Yeah??   I REALLY appreciated this kind of lesson showing up in a genre thick with love at first sight chased by oh so much ANGST.

But lets not forget about Tess… Lots of people struggled with Tess in this one. If Day and June represented character growth and maturity Tess was there to remind us how young they were. Does anyone remember Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? How grumpy Harry was? I always liked that Harry got a chance to step off his pedestal and fume a bit it was so 15 of him…Tess was a little like that she is 13 for heavens sake!! If she wasn’t a bit volatile I would have been worried about her. Besides the fear Tess experiences in this book makes way for an amazing  piece of self discovery in the next (hind sight is 20/20 I know)

I mentioned before that the ending of Prodigy was a bit of a soul crusher…I could NOT get home to Champion fast enough. While I won’t wax poetic about the split I would like to take this opportunity to kiss the feet of Marie Lu and thank her for planting the little time bomb that was Day’s illness right in the first goddy chapter of Legend. It was so clean, subtle and well devised. I didn’t see it coming  but I loved that I could look back and find evidence that he had been getting worse over the course of the story. I lovelovelove when an author plans ahead like this! It just makes my heart so darned happy!

Obviously I’m the reader who goes and hunts down all those things because I’m notso.

Well… I think I’ve shared enough embarrassing evidence of my personal brand of crazy for one lifetime.

P.S. Let me know if anyone you know wants a paperclip bracelet for Valentines day….


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3 Responses to Prodigy. (I confess. I’m nuts)

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  2. Celine says:

    How did you make the rings?? I have been trying but I can never seem to get it right

    • Moon Hazel says:

      I’ve made a few, but I always had to use pliers. I just made one end into a circle around my finger, then wrapped the rest around and around until I ran out, then started with another paperclip. One thing to be aware of though, like the author of this wrote, paperclips are NOT very pliable, I suggest starting out with a much more pliable wire.

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