What a lovely end to a beautiful story.

Can I just say how utterly relieved I was?? After the frustrating mess that was the middle of Allegiant ( a book that was only saved for me by the heartbreaking study of grief in the final chapter….. although im still not sure if that death was a good decision) and the slow fade into zombie apocalypse boredom and absolutely zero resolution in the finale of the Maze Runner series, I was beginning to wonder if trilogies are really a wise decision.. Why not write a single, well thought out story (The Night Circus anyone??)
But the thing is… I LOVE a series… When a story lodges itself in my soul I can’t let go of it and a good series is an opportunity to hold on to characters and a world I’ve fallen in love with. So when I took amazon’s word for it and dove into Legend it was with a fair amount of trepidation.

I flew through the first and second book in a less that 24 hours and had fallen head over heels for Day and June before I  realized what was happening. By the time I reached Champion I was casting desperate prayers to the god of trilogies for a worthy ending to this well told story.
And I wasn’t disappointed.
Day’s story in this book, quite simply, broke my heart. As a big sister I felt every inch of Day’s love for Eden and his desperate need to protect him. The scene between the two of them on the kitchen floor not only highlighted their bond but spoke to those moments when you begin to realize that you need your baby siblings just as much as they need you.

I cannot describe how much I appreciated that Lu was able to show Day’s struggle with his feelings for June while still allowing him to make decisions motivated by love in regards to her. At the end of Prodigy I was anticipating the split but found myself utterly relieved when the motivation for separation was primarily his illness rather than anger at June’s betrayal in Legend and it’s horrific consequence. It has been so refreshing to watch these two characters decide to trust each other and repeatedly choose to do what is in the best interest of the other even when they are angry or hurt.
Speaking of which….June…oh my goodness …when June makes the  decision to step out of Day’s life I was emotionally ravaged but in that moment she became my favorite character I loved the maturity and growth her sacrifice revealed. I swear I kept hearing Florence and the Machine “Cosmic Love” playing in my head as I pictured her walking out of the hospital empty handed and into a future without Day.

For me the epilogue was perfect (except that I secretly wanted to hear it from Daniel’s perspective as well. ). While I loved June for selflessly giving up her happiness out of love for Day and in penance for her mistakes….obviously you always want the star crossed lovers to be together. And for me the epilogue was a lovely and fitting jumping off point for their future.

For the record: I KNOW Lu wont write a novella or a sequel because the story she had to tell has been told. I respect that… but that doesn’t mean I don’t sort of desperately hope that she might get bored someday and do it anyway.
All and all I was very, very happy with the end of this series… It gave me peace and did indeed restore my faith in trilogies. Even though I didn’t realize how much I loved the books until I was finished reading them all for the second time in week and was flipping through all of my favorite chapters.

While it’s true that the heart of the Legend series seems to be a coming of age love story more than anything else…that works just fine for me! Sometimes your soul just needs a sweet, simple, cleanly told story to inspire you to be a better person and carry you through another day.

Lord knows I was pulling apart paper clips at work and trying to fold them into rings for weeks after. (which is a lot harder than it goddy well sounds, yeah?)

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3 Responses to Champion.

  1. I loved the Legend trilogy as well, and though Champion’s ending has definitely been the best of the trilogies I have read. And The Night Circus is amazing too, so many people have not read it and they need to!

  2. lilajune says:

    I’m reading The Night Circus again right now! It is just georgous. Definitely one of those books I will read again and again and recommend to anyone.

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