Never judge a book by its movie. ~ J.W Eagan (aka I’m worried about the Divergent movie)


Um, guys.  I’m a little worried over here about the Divergent movie…

Call me a book snob. (It’s true) But this one has got me more concerned than most. Probably because I really liked the first book and I’d hate to see it destroyed.

But before I get into it I want to confess that I usually end up liking book movies. They are almost never anywhere near as amazing as the book from which they were grown and I am a little judgey about Hollywood’s version of things (because of course I always feel that the world I created in my head was the right one) but I’m not actually that hard to please.

Every so often I even think a movie is able to really highlight a book and make it more accessible than it might have been before. I’m looking at you Lord of the Rings! I’ve read all the LOTR books and I love them… But they are very, very dense and I’m not phased when other fantasy fans say they didn’t make it past Old Tom Bombadil in the old forest. The movies do a beautiful job of condensing pages and pages of prose into gorgeous shots and maybe…maybe even encouraged a few people to go back and give the books another go??

So while I’m sure most of us would agree that book movies are usually a pale shadow of their books here’s a quick list of a few book movies I  did enjoy (even if it was because they were hilariously terrible) just to prove I’m not a total hater.

*Harry Potter: It was never ever going to be as extraordinary as the books but it did a damn good job of trying. It maintained the feel of the magic and that was about as much as I could have hoped for…oh yeah, and there was Alan Rickman.

*Beautiful Creatures: Mmmmmm the south. I love the south. I don’t even think the plot was the same but it felt right.

*Mortal Instruments: I totally thought this one was going to be absolutely dreadful and it wasn’t so I considered that a win.

*Twilight: Holy god these were SO SO Sooooo..terrible that they turned into the best drinking game EVER and made the books look half way to brilliant. I saw every single one of them twice and enjoyed each and every hilarious minute of awkward dialogue.

*Enders Game: That soundtrack!!! Wow! that pretty much did it for me.

*Hunger Games: Did they just get insanely crazy lucky with Jennifer Lawrence? She carries the movie and captures Katniss beautifully. (The rest of the cast was also pretty amazing although I would recommend NOT getting me started on Peta…because it’s not really his fault he’s teeny-tiny and looks like a child next to Katniss).

Anyway Im sure there are others…really, Im not that picky.

So without further ado here’s me being super, super picky.

This poster DRIVES ME NUTS.


FIRST and foremost WHAT is Four doing waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy up there? Unless thats his fear landscape Four would not voluntarily be perched on top of a tall building. I’m insane so I went right back through the book and checked. Except for the Ferris Wheel and the afore mentioned fear landscape Four does not perch on any buildings…

Oh and hey, about that ferris wheel…Why is it like 100 stories high and in the MIDDLE of the city?? Maybe this would only bother a Chicago brat… but yeah. It bothers me.

Here’s a shot of the ferris wheel from outside our building. In case you were hoping for slightly sarcastic visual aids.


And while I’m being a brat here’s this other picture of Four oh so far off the ground…


Maybe this one actually IS in his fear landscape?? I think it must be…I really REALLY hope so. Four only has FOUR fears. He is literally defined by them…soooooooo if the movie people just decided to arbitrarily ignore that in the film the way they did in the poster I’m gonna be a lil bit annoyed.

Then there was the fact that the previews all seemed a little slow. It’s a decently exciting book and I can’t quite figure out why a two minute preview seemed to plod along…?

But whilst writing this I began to ponder my grumpy feelings and I’m forced to admit that they might have more to do with my residual Allegiant frustrations than Hollywood hate. I just can’t help but wonder if one of the reasons Allegiant felt a little rushed is because it was. Perhaps Roth felt pressure to have it out before the movie was released when it could have used a few extra months of editing?? So I guess I’m still trying to blame Hollywood.

Clearly I struggle with the hollywoodization of books because while I hate to see beautiful stories torn to shreds and pasted back together with a bit of glitter glue… I also think that movies based on books encourage people to go out and READ the books. I don’t care how much you hated the movie or even if you thought the book was trash if someone who isn’t completely adicted to reading the way most of us are fell in love with a book because of the movie…well I still think that’s a win for humanity.

So I will be sitting in a theatre opening weekend in my Dauntless black like the happy little fangirl I am. Hell, I even considered running over to Target the other night when I heard V. Roth was there promoting the movie. (But Target is still on timeout from that time I simply HAD to buy a signed copy of Champion even though I hadn’t been there in years and then all the credit cards were compromised).

With that said I’ll leave you with a little list of things I am looking forward to.

*Four: He’s kinda hot. I like hot. Also British. I like british.

*Kate Winslet: Is great.

*Molly: I went to school with this chick so YAY for representing the CCPA alma-matter!

*Tris: She doesn’t look anything like the Tris in my head…but I’m holding out faith that she’ll pull it off as an actor.

*Discussion: I am looking forward to going to the 3am diner with my movie buddy and having a grand old chat about the movie and all things bookish…Sterling…I hope you’ve finished Legend…I might have to fire you if you haven’t.

*Lionsgate: Did a great job with Hunger Games…so here’s hoping I’m totally wrong.

What about you? Are you looking forward to the Divergent movie?? Are you already in love or approaching it with trepidation?

Oh and hey, I really like THIS poster.


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12 Responses to Never judge a book by its movie. ~ J.W Eagan (aka I’m worried about the Divergent movie)

  1. I hadn’t noticed that before, but you’re so true! I hope they didn’t cut something out of the movie that’s so important, like Four’s fear landscapes. I’m getting scared now…

    I am still looking forward to the movie, though! I’ll be decked out in my Divergent shirt and might have to bring tissues. 😀

    • lilajune says:

      I’m pretty sure his actually fear landscape is in the movie since there’s a shot of him punching a ring of Marcuses in the preview 🙂 I’m just hoping that other shot is part of that too 😉
      I’m a terrible fan though cuz when you said tissues I was all “I won’t need those til Allegiant” but I FORGOT about everything in this movie!! Gots to be touching some tissues into my Dauntless boots!

  2. I am both excited and nervous for the movie. I agree with you that sometimes movie adaptations do work and you’ve provided wonderful examples of the ones that have.

    But Shailene Woodley… I am having a hard time seeing her as Tris and what I have seen her in (The Secret Life) I wasn’t impressed with at all. Maybe her acting chops have gotten better with practice (let’s hope so.)

    It’s exciting to see the choices that studios make in the adaptation of books to movies. I’m anxious to see what has been done here and I am hoping for the best!

    • lilajune says:

      Yeah….I kinda agree with you about Shailene Woodley. I was really trying not to be bothered by the fact that she isn’t tiny and birdlike and blonde or anything at all that Tris was supposed to look like. I DID like her in The Descendants….so maybe she’ll prove worthy?? fingers crossed!

  3. Samantha E says:

    I’ve actually seen some pretty good reviews for this movie, and a couple of them were from people who read the book as well. It made me a bit more hopeful for the movie. But dear god, am I the only one who feels like they’ve been jamming the trailer down out throats? Everytime I’ve seen a movie (since Catching Fire) there has been a Divergent trailer, on top of seeing it on tv, etc.

    • lilajune says:

      Well I’m glad to hear you’ve read good reviews!! And yes…the previews have been everywhere! I’m trying to fight off my natural distaste for being told what the next big thing is… I really enjoyed HG and I think that had a lot of advanced press too??? (Although I wasn’t paying as much attention and the previews seemed really good unlike these which seem oddly awkward). But YAY!! For the positive feedback from book people!!

  4. I am more nervous than usual (I’m rarely nervous – I generally like books-to-movies because I take them as “sister pieces”) but the amount of advertising they are doing when the book is already popular makes me feel like they are afraid no one will come out to see it. I know that seems like a strange reason to be nervous, but – like you said – the trailers seem…stiff? compared to the novels, at least.

    • lilajune says:

      It’s not strange at all! It does seem like they’ve put a LOT of effort into promoting a movie many of us would have seen regardless. Like you said the fanbase for these books is already huge so it’s unsettling that they feel the need to convince everyone that the movies are worth seeing! And man, those darn previews were a little rough!! I’m holding on to hope though…. Holding onto hope!

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