Top Ten Tuesday. Bookish Bucket List.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by   The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks these is’ Top ten things on my bookish bucket list.


I’m on a countdown over here until I start school again in Aug/July??(I should probably figure that out), Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling like everything I do is part of a bucket list until ^#$ gets real and life clobbers me over the head.

Soooooooo…. Here’s my bookish bucket list : )


1.Read all the books I really WANT to read and none of the books I feel guilty for having blown off..


2. Read all the books people I trust recommend/give me. This directly conflicts with the last one…I know, It’s a dichotomy.


3.Stop feeling guilty for whatever I do end up reading.


4.Write something…someday. I’m not a writer. I don’t particularly want to be a writer the world NEEDS people who are just enthusiastic readers to read all of the beautiful work you amazing writing types put out. With that said….I know I will need a creative outlet to balance out the sciency stuff, a place for my creative side to go and live. I have all sorts of half baked characters and scenes running through my head so maybe someday I’ll see if I can find them a story…If only just for me.


5.Author interview. This one seems to be on a lot of lists and quite frankly I really just want to run into one of my favorite authors in a coffee shop or a bar and pick their brains/wax poetic about how much I love their story. Can I arrange that? Drinks on me…


6.Figure out how to make this blog prettier….yeah. I suck at technology. Any thoughts??


7. Buy 3 or 4 more of those floor to ceiling bookshelves from Ikea…I totally don’t need that new couch.


8. Increase my book collection (because now I have more bookshelves!!) Collect first editions and signed copies of my favorites & make sure I have every book I even half way loved in hardcover or paperback. Scour antique shops for cool editions of old books (I have the neatest medical text from the early 1900′s)


9.Get another job to pay for this habit…wait, I’m starting school again and I’ll already be a HOUSE in debt… Anyone want to be my patron?


10.Give more books as gifts… I believe reading is a culture. It needs to be nurtured and encouraged…Ok…the reality is I’m crazy selfish and I really just want to talk to you about whatever I’ve read.


BONUS ROUND 11. Figure out how to work this blog/a computer….I had to add this one when it took me 6 tries to fix this list.


So what was on your list?? Do we share any bookish goals? Do YOU want to be my book patron?

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3 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday. Bookish Bucket List.

  1. Anna Carolyn says:

    #1, #2 and #3 are SO REAL. Sometimes my reading list is so long I’m like, why am I at work when what I need to do is be reading? I need to have read all of these books YESTERDAY!!

    • lilajune says:

      Oh heavens I KNOW!! I didn’t realize book blogging was only going to increase my reading list tenfold!! I have no idea how people have time to read AND write every single day!!!! There are so many books in the world and so very little time… I wish I could find some magic job where they wanted to pay me to curl up in my reading chair with coffee and read for the rest of forever 😉

  2. A hundred times yes to the not feeling guilty thing! I already felt a lot of guilt about what I was and wasn’t reading and that seems to have only gotten worse when I started book blogging. This should totally not be the case. My bookish bucket list had several items there out of guilt and I was just like oops, that is not the point at all haha.
    I also love the giving books as gifts thing. Reading needs to be encouraged now more than ever and books are some of the best gifts a person could receive if the story resonates with them.

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