The Six Days. ARC review



The Six Days.

I’m so glad I had the chance to read this book. It was lovely.

This is the debut novel for  Giant Squid Books   and I’ve got to say…I was damn impressed. First of all I’m in love with this philosophy:

A publishing community founded by readers to support writers.”

It’s our goal to be the initial publisher for authors who might otherwise self-publish and get lost in the internet void–and fall into self-publishing and marketing scams that charge writers hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, books we publish will get noticed and get read. Connecting stories to readers who are going to love them–that’s the most important thing.

Guys, I’m married to a writer…the whole process is so bloody difficult, (It may actually BE a little bloody) when I read through this publisher’s submission policy and mission statement I was just super, super impressed.  And I’ve got to tell you if The Six Days is anything to go by I think they will have a shot at success.

So here’s the blurb: Note: I don’t usually do this since I’m more of a book “discusser” than a reviewer but I actually DO think you should run on over and buy the book so I’m gonna try and convince you. ; ) (Also I’m going to keep this chat as spoiler free as possible).

Fifteen years ago, in the middle of the night, Jamie Carpenter’s mother went up to the dark lighthouse on the cliffs above their small Maine town. She never came back.

Jamie has spent his whole life trying to forget her. But when his little brother Danny goes missing, Jamie has to face the facts: there is another world beyond the lighthouse–the world his mother came from. And Danny is being held for ransom: his life for the dangerous magical inheritance the Carpenter’s mother left her sons.

Caught in the middle of a war between witches, burdened by deadly family secrets and magic he can’t control, Jamie Carpenter has a whole new universe to search if he’s going to put together the pieces of the puzzle left behind by his mother and save his brother’s life. And he’s going to have to do it fast–because in six days the gate between worlds will close again.

For good.

And here’s what I thought:

Sometimes a story just opens and it has a feel to it…you know what I mean? Like you can taste the air, smell the grass, feel the rain… That’s what this one was like. I was drawn in immediately by the feel of the world. I felt like I’d been in that rickety old house, walked the streets of the small mysterious town and tasted the salt in the air from the ocean…  And when the world changed and grew into a gorgeous magical place filled with all the dreams and nightmares of any good fantasy tale I was just as invested.

Anyway this book has a feel and it’s kind of a beautiful one.  It also has parallel universes, magic and adventure so it was pretty much right up my ally….  But I must admit what really hooked me and kept me up all night reading (and consequently clutching my coffee in the morning) more than anything else was the relationship between the three brothers. Jamie, Calem (Isn’t that a great name?? I’ve already added it to the list of imaginary children’s names my husband will never agree to.) and Danny.

I love sibling trios, the dynamics in a trio are so interesting….(OK! I’ll admit, I’m part of a trio so I’m crazy biased… but pretty much three is the best).  Really though, I LOVE reading about brothers and sisters who would move heaven and hell (or cross dimensions and face down shadows and evil witches) to save each other. It’s what I would do, and as much as I wouldn’t want my little sisters to be in danger I’m pretty sure they would do the same. There is nothing in the world like the ferocity with which you love your siblings. While Cal and Jamie were both equally strong and protective of each other and their little brother, they we also very much individuals and I enjoyed their unique voices.

I am also very VERY glad that their didn’t turn out to be an extremely awkward brotherly love triangle with Nia. (I’ve had more than enough of that ickiness in my weekly guilty pleasure TV show TVD…I’m SO over it at this point).

As much as I truly enjoyed this book there were a few things I was uncertain about.
First of all, the book was written in a third person narrative but the character perspective and tenses shift making things just the tiniest bit confusing.

For example: Jaime seems to be the primary “narrator” when we follow Jamie his voice is past tense (“Jamie said”, “Jamie frowned”…etc). However Cal, Nia and various side characters also take on the role of narrator and when we see things through their eyes the voice is present tense (“Cal is puttering around”, “Nia realizes he is talking”)

At first I was thrown off by these shifts, I flipped back and forth for a few pages and tried to figure out if I was missing something…A few chapters later though, I hardly noticed the  shifting at all. In fact I don’t even remember it in the second half of the book even though it’s still there.

The other thing I was unsure of was Nia….. I know…how can you really enjoy a book and not be sure of the heroine?? I didn’t say I didn’t like her I just said I’m not sure how I felt about her.

Nia has all the difficult choices to make in this book. Really she does. You could argue that the boys make tough choices too but the majority of those revolve around taking care of each other and like I said before when it comes to your siblings  save your brother or save yourself isn’t a difficult choice…it’s just what you do.

Nia on the other hand deals with love, friendship loyalty,  family and personal happiness. Sadly it seems like every single one of those things requires some sort of sacrifice from her. Sometimes I loved her and sometimes I wasn’t her biggest fan. I suppose that actually made her pretty relatable. From MY perspective she made the “right” decision about 80% of the time…

There was that ending…….Aaaagggggghhhh!!!! I think I threw my ipad at the wall…. Tell me, TELL ME there is going to be a second book???!!!!! Please??  I got to the end and kept swiping at the damn screen like “There HAS to be at least another chapter! Or a teaser for the next book!” I think actually said that out loud and woke my husband up (because you know..It was 2am)

That wasn’t exactly a bad thing though…basically I’d dive right back into the world in a heartbeat given half a chance. Really…Author lady…do you hear me??? Can I put in a request?

And really I think that says it all… I loved this world, it was a perfect escape into fantasy from all the hard core nitty gritty Dystopia I’ve been reading lately and I wanted more.

So if you are looking for a great fantasy story and you want to support a very cool new publishing company (and a super talented new author). Here’s the link … enjoy!


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7 Responses to The Six Days. ARC review

  1. I don’t read much fantasy or YA, but this just sounds so good! And I’m always interested when a reader feels so invested in a world and characters. Giant Squid Books also sounds really cool. Not to mention, it has a great name haha.

    • lilajune says:

      I’ll admit fantasy has always been one of my favorite genre’s and YA is kinda what I’m stuck on right now… But I definitely think you should check it out!! I am a huge fan of supporting new and talented authors! 🙂

      • As am I! I’ve been trying to branch out more, so I’m always looking for fantasy and YA recommendations. Those two seem to be my most unfairly and unintentionally ignored categories (excluding romance, but I don’t think I’m ready for that to be a part of my life haha).

  2. Anne says:

    Married to a writer, eh? I hope my husband will be able to say that one day. 😀 This sounds like a very cool book. Glad you liked it!

  3. lilajune says:

    I’m sure he will!!! I believe 🙂 And if you ever need Beta readers sometime in the future let me know! It was a great book and I know we all have a million books on our TBR shelves but if you’re ever in the mood for a lovely fantasy story it’s definitely worth reading.

    • Anne says:

      Thank you. 🙂 I keep telling myself “I will get it done, I will get it done.” And I will for sure keep that offer in mind. Bloggers are the best reviewers since they are very articulate — and not afraid to give feedback!

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