The False Prince.


Book blogging has been an interesting experience for me so far. I had no idea for example that my TBR list would suddenly increase by a factor of 1000, I also didn’t realize that I would now have less time to actually READ all those amazing books because I was busy trying to come up with clever things to say about the books I had managed to read. (to be fair it’s not just the blog…I’ve roped myself into a few other writing projects lately…I may confess to those at some future point, or I may not…it’s a mystery!)

On the other hand blogging has also done exactly what I had hoped it would and  connected me with other amazing bookish people. Who have coincidentally introduced me to many, many kickass books that I would not otherwise have read. I suppose it’s not that coincidental since lots of book nerds seem to share my desperate need to pass on the latest phenomenal book they just finished. (Hence my now bottomless well of TBR books).

The other side effect of blogging that I’ve noticed is that writing about all these books has provided me with a better understanding of  what makes a story sing to my soul. I love a lot of different genre’s but it turns out that many of the books I hold closest to my heart, read over and over and slip into unsuspecting people’s purses share certain traits

One of those qualities is a sassy character. Lord have mercy on my soul, but I do so love a mouthy character with a heart of gold. I am fairly certain that someday I will wake up to discover that I am the mother of a teenager who is soaked in sarcasm and dipped in snark and when that happens I shall rue the day I typed these words…. but until then I will continue to relish in characters who solve as many problems as they cause (lots) with clever witticisms. (In my defense the heart of gold part is pretty important too… and I hope that I can find it in myself to raise childrem with that aspect as well.)

Which brings me to the book…yeah, I was always gonna get there eventually.

The main character in this trilogy ‘Sage’ is just about the most brazen, smart-mouthed character I have ever met. I LOVED him…  There was a smirk on my face for the whole four days I spent reading the series. Unfortunately I think that characters like Sage encourage my own dry sarcasm to spring forth from it’s safe place in my head right on out into the world.  And it’s possible that while reading this book I may have tried to parkour myself around the office whilst explaining to one of my bosses what that is (it was a loooooong week last week.) So, the moral of my story here is that sometimes books are a bad, albeit very entertaining, influence on me. I’m probably WAY too old for that but….Eh.

Right then. So Sage is clever and sassy with great personal development and story arc. And it has to be said that the author deserves credit and a cookie for some very carefully crafted storytelling when it comes to Sage’s backstory. More on that later (I promise to warn you before I get all spoilery). While initially this book may seem like a pretty standard Robin Hood meets The Artful Dodger with a pinch of Anastasia (you know totally standard) fantasy I assure you it is not.

In truth, The False Prince is a somewhat lighthearted fantasy novel (excellent break from Unwind which I read right before) but it is still brilliantly written and smart as hell! It did not take long at all to fall right into this well told story of an orphan boy rejected by his family and left to fend for himself who gets roped (literally) into a wildly treasonous plot to steal the crown. Of course, since the main character is made entirely of self serving (or so you think) sarcasm and mischief that makes Loki look like a freaking amateur things do not go particularly well for Connor who is the self righteous mastermind behind the plot. Cue awesomeness!

This was one of those books that you read in one sitting and then look around at the world and wonder what happened to your day. “Oops! Were you talking to me? What do you mean we need to eat dinner?” or better yet, “Holy hell!! how did it get to be 3am?? I have to be at WORK in a few hours…Oh well thats what espresso shots are for!” Guys, I think my husband is a pretty cool guy for putting up with the ipad glow most nights not to mention the fact that I have a tendency to talk OUT LOUD to my books (you do that too right??).  Anyway once things got going, which was almost immediately all three of the books were very, very, very hard to put down.

And then there was the plot twist…. WARNING.WARNING.WARNING semi-spoilers (although I’m still being careful) and all such nonsense.

So the truth is I had the twistyness pretty much figured out… I think after you’ve read a certain number of books it’s pretty hard to hide things like that especially from readers like me who LOVE to look for nuances and read between the lines. (Also my Mother’s  family are all obsessive readers and one of the genre’s that gets passed around the most are murder mysteries…I’ve literally read hundreds of them so it’s habitual to look for clues and hints that things are not as they seem) But here’s the thing, just because I thought I knew what was coming didn’t mean I was confident in my diagnosis…I wasn’t. Nielsen was SO incredibly clever about the way she wrote the main character’s life history. In fact I HIGHLY recommend going back and rereading the first book once you finish the series just to experience all the double meanings beneath every single thing Sage says… It’s pretty darn brilliant!

I lovelovelove smart books, the Erudite in me just gets all weak in the knees and stuff.

And while we are talking about smart books and things that make me fluttery I’d just like to take this opportunity to provide further proof that I am a little crazy and confess that this book was recommended to me by a whole group of fellow readers who share my obsession with the Legend Trilogy…. I KNOW…I KNOW it’s like the 5th time I’ve mentioned that book in another review….I can’t help it!! I still haven’t found it’s equal. Anyway… I think these ladies are single handedly responsible for about 75% of my now infinite TBR list….but that’s ok because many of those books like this one share a certain charm (or a bold as brass street smart character) with that other book that I can’t quite seem to get over. (BTW let’s just take a sec to sell that one again… Hey bloggy friends! Have you read Legend yet?? It’s really good… here’s what I thought Of Legend, Prodigy and Champion in case you missed it! Have a lovely day!!! *Grins like a crazy person* )

Ok…I’m done 🙂 Back to The False Prince. The only issue I had with the book was that other than Sage I wasn’t super, super attached to the secondary characters…Especially the love interests, did Imogen even count as a love interest in this book?? I’m not sure… Anyway, by The Runaway King (book 2) I was more invested in Mott, Tobias, Roden & Imogen (Book 2 might have been my favorite) and that was helpful. That aside this was a truly, truly fantastic story… you should read it!!! And if by chance you HAVE you should chat with me about it!!

Buuuutttt ….If you haven’t picked it up yet and I haven’t managed to convince you of it’s amazingness here are the links to the False Prince reviews by the bloggers (and fellow Legend fangirls) who sold me. Check them out! Their blogs are awesome and I think they do a MUCH better job than I did at talking about the actual book! Loving the Language of Literacy & The Book Landers.

And now I shall leave you with 2 questions:

1. Is there a character type or plot device that just steals your heart and makes you fall instantly in love with a book?

2.How do you do that nifty thing where you hide spoilers with a link or something?? Id really love to figure that one out…..


Have a glorious day!!!

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3 Responses to The False Prince.

  1. Tina Chan says:

    1. Is there a character type or plot device that just steals your heart and makes you fall instantly in love with a book?
    2.How do you do that nifty thing where you hide spoilers with a link or something?? Id really love to figure that one out…..
    I wish I knew….try googling it?

  2. Ashley says:

    I totally hear you about not having as much time to read. It’s been an awesome experience connecting with other books nerds around the world, but at the same time I feel like I’m not reading as much as I’d like (but I’m behind on my book reviews – what?). And my TBR list is exponentially growing (which is a good and bad thing). I guess, I’ll never have to ask the question, “What should I read?” 🙂

    You did manage to pique my interest and I’ll be adding The False Prince to my never-ending list!

    • lilajune says:

      Ohhhhh the TBR pile (bookshelf) I’m SO glad to know I’m not alone!!! On the other hand you are totally right about never needing to worry about a bookish dry spell!!

      The False Prince really is worth reading 😉 maybe you should throw it in someday right after a super serious book that tore your heart out and put it back damaged for a bit of relief!

      Happy reading !!!

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