Top Ten Tuesday: Characters who I want with me in a Zombie Apocalypse.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks theme is: Top Ten Characters who (fill in the blank). At first I couldn’t think of anything and I had almost decided to skip this one when is hit me ZOMBIES!! Obviously I want to talk about zombies!

The thing about me is that I am married to a guy who writes horror stories, loves zombies and is an all round SUPER GEEK. As a result we spend an inordinate amount of time formulating our zombie apocalypse survival plan…. While the apocalypse is never ideal I think survival is all about teaming up with the right people with the right skill set. So I’ve decided  to take this Top Ten Tuesday opportunity to compile the best Zombie survival posse EVER 🙂


The Warriors.

Katniss: The Hunger Games. I don’t even need to explain why right?? This chick is zombie apocalypse GOLD, she’s got mad skills with that bow (and as we all know from The Walking Dead a bow and arrow is the best way to kill zombies and hunt food since it’s quiet), she understands the wilderness, she knows her plants and she is one hell of a survivor….  If I only got to pick one person on this list to face the zombia apocolypse with it would be Katniss (if she would have me… which she probably wouldn’t). She may not be the most brilliant or the absolute deadliest but I feel like she is the perfect mix of skills and honorable intentions (plus she isn’t super duper attached to a love interest) and I intimately understand the motivations that drive her.

Perry: Under the Never Sky. He makes the list for almost all the same reasons Katniss does, he is magic with a bow and he can survive in the wilderness. Then of course he’s got those “senses” I’m not totally sure how the Scire thing will help (maybe preemptively knowing when all the strong personalities on this list are going to come to blows??)  but the “Seer” sight will be hella useful for spotting the undead!

Roar:Under the Never Sky. Ok… maybe this is cheating to have him too BUT I LOVE ROAR and his skills are a little different from Perry’s. First of all he is deadly in so many ways (*swoons*)but most relevantly with knives (which again, is a very good way to kill zombies without attracting other zombies), and his “Aud” sense will be exceptionally useful (he would be able to tell if there were walkers moving around in that creepy abandoned house we need to get into for some random reason). The other thing that Roar has going for him is a sense of humor!! Morale is crazy important in an apocalypse and Roar is possibly the least serious character on this list. Plus he sings! He and Katniss can perform duets!! *Katniss glares at me*

June & Day: Legend. You knew I’d squeeze them in didn’t you!!! Seriously though how could I leave them off this list? Speaking of which, I put them together for two reasons: 1. Because you can’t separate them again!!! And 2. Because together they are a perfect zombie apocalypse team. June is brilliant and skilled at strategy and combat (when it’s time to defend our compound she’s our girl) and Day is resourceful as hell and impossible to catch (unless you’re June) he wouldn’t need to fight the zombies on the ground to get into a hospital for antibiotics  or a warehouse for supplies, he would just parkour his ass right on in there and get us what we need easy as pie.

Ender: Enders Game. Ender is the commander of all commanders he was literally bread to be THE leader. We. Will. Need. Him.  The issue with this group is that almost everyone so far is a leader… Ender will intuitively know how to properly use them all to their best advantage so that our survival crew can operate without drama. While Ender has zero wilderness skills he is just as ruthless as he is empathetic and that will serve him well, you had better believe he won’t be getting eaten any time soon!! The other thing Ender’s got going for him is his innate ability to understand and annihilate the enemy. Eventually we are going to need to figure out how to kill all the zombies and save our planet…this happens to be exactly what Ender does best!

The Rebuilders.

Peeta: The Hunger Games. I know, I know why does Peeta make it but I didn’t even give Gale the time of day?? Well, Perry had Gale’s skills but with useful additions so he made the list instead, (times are tough in the zombie apocalypse … you’ve got to make hard choices) Plus I wasn’t gonna deal with love triangle drama. ANYWAY, so Peeta makes the list because he is strong enough to survive (so long as some mean author doesn’t run him into a force field) the initial apocalypse but he has skills we will need to rebuild our lives. That fresh bread and knowledge of grains is going to be a huge commodity once we get wherever it is we are going!

Cara: Insurgent. We will need scientists… Ideally we would have had someone with Jeannine Matthews research/lab skills but there was NO WAY IN HELL she was gonna make the cut! She probably caused the zombie apocalypse!!! So Cara was the next best thing, she’s a sciency Erudite with lab experience and she’s tough enough to survive.

Chubs: The Darkest Minds. If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a zombie there’s not much we can do for you… maybe Perry or Roar would chop off an arm or a leg if they can get to you fast enough…but other than that you’re pretty much dunzo…. However not all injuries are fatal, at least not if they are properly treated and that’s why we will be needing Chubs. This kids got skillz with disinfectant wipes and sutures, if there is no doctor to be found (and I couldn’t come up with one) he’s a pretty decent substitute! He’s also obsessively organized and always willing to provide a nice little dose of realism to all the idealists in our crew. Oh yeah and he’s got that whole telekinetic blue team power going! But most importantly he’s got us covered for books! (WE STILL NEED OUR BOOKS!!!).


The Bait

Bella: Guys, I don’t know if you read Twilight or if you dodged the bullet and missed that train all together. But Bella’s super power is pretty much being a supernatural magnet with absolutely ZERO instincts for self preservation. She is also amazingly good at being saved and offering herself as bait…  I mean HELLO!!! She was essentially born to play the role of Zombie bait! I imagine she would be more than happy to stand in a clearing and wait for a horde of zombies to smell (or whatever zombies do) her delicious blood while the warriors wait in the trees to take them down!


So I know this isn’t my most diverse TTT list ever (I just couldn’t get those apocalypsish books I’ve been reading out of my head) and I think I’m missing some pretty important characters… Like a real doctor or a few more scientists for example…I thought about adding an Amity to farm buuuuutttt Eh…Peeta will just have to figure that one out!

Do you have a zombie apocalypse survival plan? Who would YOU add to this list?


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23 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Characters who I want with me in a Zombie Apocalypse.

  1. haha, this is great! I like pretty much all of your choices, but i think i would have to add Percy Jackson and Annabeth (she’s a genius and is basically Hermione with a superpower) And lets go a head and throw Hermione in there, because I’m sure those veiling spells she can do would be useful.

    • lilajune says:

      I didn’t read the Percy Jackson series (hangs head in shame)….but I’ve heard they’re kickass!!!

      I should have added a note about why Dumbledore/Hermione didn’t make the list but some people with powers did. I figured that straight up magic prolly existed in a world where someone like Voldemort was controlling the zombies/inferi and in that world non magical people might be SOL… We’d just have to cross our fingers and hope Harry gets to those horocuuxes in time yeah??

      • You put much more thought than I did into that, so yes, that does make sense. And yes, Percy Jackson is kickass, you should read them ASAP!

      • lilajune says:

        Hahahahaha I think my geek must be showing!!

        Thanks for the recommendation! I have been pretty seriously considering adding those to my list and you’ve sealed the deal!

  2. Tina says:

    ahahha! I love this post! (love your zombie bait section too). I have been meaning to read Ender’s Game too! What about Jaron?

    • lilajune says:

      Thanks lady!!! Glad you liked the list 🙂
      Jaron almost…almost made it… He was sooooo close but he was just too similar to Day (skill set wise) and lets be honest you KNOW I’m hella attached to Day 😉
      You should totally read Ender’s Game!!! Do you like scifi at all?? It is such a beautifully written story with a powerful and subtle message, it’s definity one of my favorites!

  3. lilajune says:

    Oh Day *sigh*

    These broken stars is literally next on my list!! Is it good??

  4. Hahaha, I love this post! I laughed so hard when you put Bella in the bait list lol. I’d probably add Annabeth from Percy Jackson, because she could come up with quick strategies. Maybe she’s a little like June. Hmmm…

    Awesome list! And I love Ender’s part in all of this. He would be an awesome commander.

    • lilajune says:

      Ender is such an incredible character and I think he’d be able to save the world from the Zombies in the end (of course then he’d probably feel bad about it!)

      Ok… I probably have to read Percy Jackson for realz now!! Almost everyone has recommended that series and Annabeth sounds like my kinda girl!! 🙂

  5. Zombie apocalypse survival strategies are excellent table topics during meals! LOL. Just reading and scrolling down and your Bella bait–oh that is gold.

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

  6. Love it! Very original list!

  7. Tina Chan says:

    what would happen if you stuck Day, June, Jaron and Knox in a room together….sarcasm fest?

    • lilajune says:

      I would die of so much happiness until they all killed each other.

      But before someone got hurt there would undoubtedly be the most amazing soundbites of sarcasm ever known to man!!! 🙂

  8. Wow awesome list! June and Day are brilliant, I’m surprised Ender is on there, most people only read the new Ya dystopias but Ender is the best.. ☺

    • lilajune says:

      Thanks for reading!!!! June & Day are the cause of a rather serious spiral into fangirl absurdism!! I love them dearly… 😉

      My shelves are packed with tons and tons of used bookstore books of many genres but ill admit I only discovered Ender a little before the movie came out (OH the shame!!). I am so very glad I read it however late….That book is extraordinary and Ender is just a phenomenally complex/heartbreaking character!! So much love!

      • Yeah love the Legend series and Ender’s Game. You should read Ender in exile (he’s fifteen in this book) and The Maze Runner. They are awesome books.

  9. lilajune says:

    I very much enjoyed Ender in Exile did you read Speaker for theDead?? I LOVED that book! Gorgeous. I hatehatehated Xenocide though BLEH!!! Stupid author just TORE apart poor Enders happiness 😦

    I loved the first two books in the Maze Runner series but I was honestly a little disappointed in The Death Cure… I wanted just maybe 1 or 2 of those loose ends tied up??? Maybe I’m just being tough on it though ?

  10. hellphie says:

    Ender’s Game is one of my favourite books. Smart pick.

    While I love the idea of Bella as bait, she’d probably be so busy falling in love with all the zombies and moping around that she’d just blend in with them. She’s the epitome of a romantic zombie.

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