Ender’s Game (In which LJ rambles. Mostly about the book)


Confession time: Ender’s Game is a book that floated on the periphery of my literary awareness for ages but I’m ashamed to admit that I passed on it for a long, long time because the old cover was completely unappealing to me (I know, I know, I KNOW!!! I should stop making these stupid cover judgments! There are so many fantastic books on my “Thank heavens I read that” pile that I almost didn’t read because of the cover… It’s like that “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” adage was RIGHT or something!)

Anyway, one magical day the stars aligned and not only did I see a rather appealing trailer for the movie but someone mentioned to me (again) just how awesome the book was. Next thing I knew, Ender’s Game had hopped right off the bookstore shelf into my hands and I was half way through it before dinner. Actually, I’m pretty certain I forgot to eat dinner that night I was so thoroughly engrossed.

First of all this book was hands down one of the most heartbreaking stories I have ever read. The curious thing however is that I didn’t even notice I was having my heart torn out, tossed around and chopped up into bits until after I had closed the book and wanted nothing more than to drown my sorrows in a glass of wine, stare out the window and contemplate the tragedy of Ender’s broken childhood. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Let’s start with the genre. I have read quite a bit of science fiction and while Ender’s Game isn’t particularly dense or “scientifically progressive” it instantly rocketed right to the top of my list of all time favorites. (I’m SORRY Asimov! You know I love you!!). The way I see it, the job of science fiction is to reach into the ever shifting well of possible futures and draw out bits and pieces of knowledge and wisdom in the hope of expanding our collective mind, preaching caution and perhaps guiding us into a better world. While many MANY works of science fiction are chalk full of hard science and have been incredibly important in the creation and evolution of  science “fiction” into everyday science “fact” Ender’s Game really isn’t one of them. Rather, Ender’s story is a fairly simple and beautifully subtle philosophical exploration of childhood, the abuse of power and the meaning of life (not yours and mine per se but Life and what defines it. A consciousness? A soul?). You know, fluffy stuff. Really though, the philosophy in this book is pretty understated when you consider that it was written as a predecessor to Speaker for the Dead which is overflowing with theology and all such seriousness.

So what was it that made this one so special?? (Fair warning y’all spoilers ahead!)

Well, for me it has absolutely everything to do with Andrew Wiggin or rathar Ender (a decidedly prophetic nickname) and his inconceivable brilliance, utter brutality, innocence (and the total destruction of that innocence) and most of all his overwhelming compassion. People, this kid stole my heart the way he stole the hearts of every other character in the story, except maybe Peter… and Bonzo…and that other kid he killed…. Ok, Ender is also a little scary.

Even before he is shipped off to battle school Ender is a force to be reckoned with. Hell, in the first freaking chapter we witness him tactically analyze and implement the destruction of his childhood bully effectively putting an end to the possibility of being bullied by anyone. Ever. (It turns out this is actually kinda Ender’s thing. Foreshadowing Whhhhhhaaat?) Oh and did I mention he’s only six years old?

Actually, it took me a while to reconcile myself to the ages of the children in this book.  Once I made the mental adjustments however, the stark contrast between their chronological age and mind numbing genius set the stage for what would turn into me trying to drown myself in the wine. There was just an unrelenting loneliness attached to all that brilliance. And no one was lonelier or carried a heavier burden than Ender…I seriously doubt he would have let me but the big sister/future mother in me very, VERY much wanted to reach into the pages and scoop that child into my arms…oh and then smack the HELL out of the stupid military asshats who sent these kids off to war.

Ender’s isolation is really a driving theme in this book. First of all he is a “third”. (In a world with a two child limit, thirds are sanctioned only to be given to the elite military for training.) Then of course from the moment he steps into battle school he is singled out as the “most brilliant” by the adults with the express intention of segregating him from his peers. In fact every single milestone in Ender’s journey is marked by another soul crushing level of isolation, most of it manufactured in order to see if he has what it takes to fend for himself and manipulate his circumstances to win the respect and devotion of those he must lead.

And of course he does.

Dear readers, there is a REASON I chose Ender to be the leader of my Zombie apocalypse survival crew. (no clue what I’m talking about? Here’s the post) Even with the likes of June & Day on team apocalypse I am still convinced that Ender’s unique ability to intimately understand what motivates everyone (friends and foes alike) will be the deciding factor in our survival. (OMG I sound like Graff… quick where’d that wine go?!) Anyway, I could try to describe this to you all day but I think I’ll employ the power of a good old fashioned quote instead:

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.  And then, in that very moment when I love them – I destroy them.” 

Yep. That about sums it up. Total destruction is not just what is Ender is capable of it’s what’s expected of him and ultimately what he accomplishes. And THAT my friends is what destroyed me… Because Ender is not a cold blooded killer (even when he is) he is a child with an extraordinary capacity for empathy and at the end of the book when he has successfully reduced an entire planet to ash and annihilated a race of sentient beings (albiet under the impression that he was playing a “game”) only Ender understands the tragedy of his victory. Well, Ender and perhaps Valentine.

Speaking of Valentine, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the other Wiggin children in this discussion because in many ways they exist in the story to help the reader fully understand Ender. Despite being equally as brilliant as their baby brother the elder Wiggin prodigies were rejected for battle school because of their temperaments. Valentine is far to pacific and empathetic for war and Peter, to quote the text, “has the soul of a jackal” which is a rather poetic way of saying he is a  manipulative psychopath (kills small animals and everything).  Ender it turns out, is a perfectly balanced blend of his brother and sister which apparently makes him the ideal “savior” for the human race.

It is clear that if Valentine is Ender’s conscious Peter is the Id and the deeper he is sucked into the military the more he fears that side of himself. For me, one of the most fascinating parts of this book was watching Ender delve deeper and deeper into his psyche and face off against his inner Peter in the mind game (BTW in Speaker for the Dead we learn that the mind game was in fact far more significant than it seemed!).

While it’s true that Peter and Valentine serve to provide insight into the heart and soul of their little brother they are still fascinating characters who have a truly unique and thought provoking story of their own. The sociopolitical commentary the author makes through the medium of Demosthenes & Locke is not only impressively advanced for a book technically categorized under “children’s lit” (proving once again that one should NEVER EVER presume to talk down to children or be so ignorant as to think that adults could not learn from stories written for them.) the way in which these two kids are able to essentially lay the foundation for world domination via the “nets” (which was in it’s infancy at the time this book was written *high five SciFi!!*) is incredibly relevant today. I love when that happens!!

So I know this chat has been full of long ass sentences and even more “discussion” than usual….But if you’ve made it with me this far I want you to know that there are many things beyond the soul searching and philosophy; like the relationships Ender builds with the other children in battle school (Bean, Ali, Dink and Petra) not to mention the awesomeness that is Mazer Rackham and ALL of the battle school battles (Really, I seriously want to try that ZeroG thing) that made this book wonderful.. But when I’m honest with myself one thing made this one of the best books I have read this year (and I know you’re all ‘But LJ you love every book’ I don’t. I just skip discussing the ones I don’t like).

It moved me.

When the story was over and Ender had shouldered the full weight of the xenocide he was “responsible” for I sat there staring into that glass of dark red wine and my heart was actually broken for Ender Wiggin as if he was a real child who had become a part of my soul. I felt this way for days… So I did what any rational adult would do….I called my mother and launched an Epic conversation on life the universe and everything (42 by the way) and still I felt a little empty… and that’s when I knew that Ender’s Game is one of those books I will read over and over forever. I have already read it out-loud to my husband (because I do that) and passed it on to anyone who will listen to me ramble (I can be very persuasive…though my sis might call it demanding). I will save it for my children and accidentally slip it into their backpacks and right now I will tell you, if you haven’t already, to go wander by your local bookstore and see if it accidentally jumps into your hands. You won’t be sorry.

Of course if you have read it… I would love NOTHING more than to know what YOU thought!!! Did you explore your feelings and your wine cellar (I don’t actually have one of those) too??

And if you haven’t and by some miracle you’re still reading and would like to read an actual, well organized REVIEW go check out this excellent post by Nath over at One Woman’s Opinions (she’s so much better at talking plot!) 🙂 

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Top Ten Tuesday. Beach Bag Books.


Why hello there Top Ten Tuesday!!! I haven’t seen you in a minute! (I was informed last night that if you say that in Memphis is means ‘Its been a while’ or ‘You sucked at blogging last month’... Maybe not exactly). Anyway this week on TTT (Which is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish) it’s time to break out that beach bag and do what any self respecting book-a-holic would do, ie: pack it FULL of books and forget the sunscreen/water/beach towel etc. you know, the non-essentials.

So, I don’t know about you but when I think of beach books I tend to think of things a little on the ‘lighter side’ (ok… I think of straight up trash a’la 50 shades of grey but I don’t read read much of the pure romance stuff) so I’m gonna pull from my ‘not so dark and dreary’ shelf. Although, quite frankly I grew up in a beach town and we spent more time on the beach at night (because crispy tourists who brought all their books but forgot the sunscreen are actually kinda grumpy) so I think it’s reasonable if some of these are more like ‘Midnight on the Beach’ books right?!

What I recommend for your beach bag? (other than sunscreen)

Under the Never Sky: Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky

I really enjoyed every book in this series which includes:  Under the Never Sky, Through the Ever Night and Into the Still Blue. While it DOES take place in a sort-of post-apocolyptic dystopia there is a certain Science Fantasy with a dash of romance (Ok not a “dash” there’s a lot of romance and that was my secret favorite part of the book) that makes it a perfect beachy read. Oh, and Roar. OMG Roar… *Swoon* This thing belongs on your summer list because of Roar alone. The end.

Guardian: Alex London. 


I just finished this one last Thursday. Coincidentally I also started it on Thursday, which is a part of what makes it a great beach read. (although best to be bringing that sunscreen because it’s very difficult to put down and you may not notice you’ve begun to blister.) Guardian for all it’s seriousness and intensity was also a pretty heart-melting love story which somehow makes it just the teeniest tiniest bit “lighter” than it’s predecessor Proxy. BTW did you read Proxy? If NOT you SHOULD!!! it’s also AH-mazing.

The False Prince: Jennifer Nielsen


What I actually mean by The False Prince is The Ascendance Series which includes The Runaway King and The Shadow Throne. (yeah I know this list of 5 is already up to 8). Anyway, these are pure fantasy and they’re smart, fast reads with great characters and a fantastic story. I had so much fun with this series (which isn’t something I say a lot) which  makes it truly perfect reading for a hot summer day. (preferably with a bottle of Summer Shandy Mmmmmmmmm)

The Beekeepers Apprentice:


OK… so I’ve done the “romance” here’s the “mystery” because you’ve got to have  a  mystery in your beach bag, it’s like, pretty much a law. This one is FANTASTIC because it’s a freaking brilliant and unique take on Sherlock Holmes, or more specifically his “retirement” with his whip smart apprentice Mary Russell. Guys, I love this series. It’s a mystery series sure, but it’s definitely not fluff… If you’re a Sherlock fan (but maybe not a purist) you should read it.

Daughter of the Forest: Juliet Marillier


I love fairy tales retold and celtic mythology and Daughter of the Forest has both. It also has SO MUCH family love (okokok and romance too…this IS my beach list!). This one definitely captured my imagination and stole my heart (it’s also part of a rathar long series but fortunatly it stands alone as well).

What’s in my beach bag. (Probably not sunscreen because even though I’m a FL native I forgot.)

Hands of Forest and Teeth: Carrie Ryan


The premis of this one just seems awesome. I mean,  YA? Zombies? What’s not to love?? Plus I’ve got to admit the title is pretty fantastic. Hey BTW has anyone actually READ this book? I know almost zippo about it but it’s peaked my interest… so you know…if you’ve read it I’d love to know what you thought!

The Demon King: Cinda Williams Chima


I don’t know much about this series except that it was recommended to me by Tina over at The Book Landers and I’ve enjoyed everything else she’s tossed on my TBR pile.

A Discovery of Witches: Deborah Harkens


Speaking of recommendations, I read this review over at Wine Goes Best with a Good Book last week and for whatever reason felt compelled to download A Discovery of Witches immediately to my Ipad. I’m not completely sure why but it seemed like an entertaining change of pace from what I’ve been reading lately.

The Fault in our Stars: John Green 


Geez, I know, I know… I might be one of the last YA readers out there who hasn’t read this book. I’ve heard it’s amazing, gorgeous, thoughtful, funny and oh yeah… heartbreaking. I think it’s that last one that gets me… I love to think when I read but I don’t always love collapsing in a LilaJune puddle on the floor. Sometimes real feelings are terrifying. Anyway, I plan to bite the bullet and face this one (Hell, if the Tris girl could be Dauntless enough to play Hazel I can be Dauntless enough to read about it!).

The Queen’s Thief: Megan Whalen Turner


This is another recommendation from a fellow blogger  over at The Book Case Diaries (FYI you guys are drowning me in a bottomless well of TBR awesomeness). And I’ve heard it’s amazing… Like A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I don’t know about you but when I hear/read a fellow booklover speak so passionately about a particular book (the way I might about The Legend series or Harry Potter) it’s nearly impossible for me NOT to give it a go!

OkeeDokee so that’s my list! (Although mine definitely leans in a midnight at the beach direction) Anything in it you absolutely loved, or think I should avoid?  What was on yours? Oh and hey, if you’re in the mood for more recs check out my bloggy buddy’s list!


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I really had to think about this one. A lot.

And then somewhere in the midst of all that thinking I read six or seven or maybe twelve other books and then my poor sad little laptop threatened to give up the ghost and I had to send her to the mac hospital and then I got sucked into the vortex of my TBR list (which OMG why why WHY!!!?? does it not even look like I made a DENT in that thing!) while she was gone and basically sucked at blogging… so yeah…thinking.

But we’re back now and I’m committed to putting my best foot forward here. I’ve even made a pact with a bloggy buddy, (check out her Unwind review here.) so that I don’t fall off the wagon again!

Ok so first let me just say WOW.Wow. wow. wow. wowowwow. wow. wow. woW. WOW. (How did you like that texty Wow art btw?? pretty creative huh? I came up with that allllllll on my own. This is when I start to think I should maybe go outside on long weekends.)

So next I gotta go with Ugh! Oh! Ehghghghghghgghhh… Squuuuuuuuuuirmmm. Because that was what this book did to me. It was so very, very disturbing. It might be one of the most disturbing books I have ever read which considering how much I adore Dean Koontz, Stephen King & Hannibal (Which is a show but it’s a really freaking disturbing one) is saying a lot.

I know plenty of people who are pretty much over the dystopian genre at this point, and while it’s true the market is somewhat super-saturated I personally am still engaged. When you wake up every morning to some new unspeakable tragedy it’s nearly impossible not to wonder what the hell is wrong with us (age old question right?).  For me dystopia is a way of exploring our failures and asking “What if?”

And let me tell you…this particular “What if” was a doozy.

Unwind is based on the horrifying concept that at some point in the not particularly distant future the political war on abortion will become a literal war and the “solution” will be to make abortion illegal opting instead to have unwanted children unwound… Which is a rather gentle way of saying harvesting them for tissue & organs.

So now you’re all like Whhhaaaaaattt?? What’s the difference between terminating the life of an unwanted baby and having that child unwound?

Well…In the world of the book the powers that be have decreed that abortion is tantamount to murder and thus immoral. However, medical science has reached the point where all human tissue, every last bit, is able to be harvested from a donor and repurposed.  Thus, the argument is made that since the tissue never dies neither does the person, life does not end and so it cannot be considered murder. Therefore rather than abort a baby and never give it life a parent can have an unwanted child unwound after the age of thirteen.

Ok… so. This one’s tough yeah? Because of course abortion is an hot button (like molten lava) issue and even to blog about this book in depth requires a certain amount of sensitivity. I for one don’t think topics like this are ever black and white the way political talking heads would like us to believe. Most of us don’t right? A woman having the “right to choose” does not mean it’s a choice every woman would make, no matter the circumstances… Or that it would ever be an easy choice. There are so many factors to consider many of them philosophically mind bending. The crux of the debate internal and external often boils down to What is life? When does it begin and at what point does it end? Now the scientist in me could spit out the biological description (not definition because the truth is we don’t have one) of life.

But we all know that what we’re really asking and what lies at the center of all these debates and a book like Unwind is; What is the soul, the conscious, the thing that defines us as human.. (Not that there isn’t room for discussion about whether or not a Soul is synonymous with humanity but I’ll save that for another book… maybe Enders Game or These Broken Stars). And that my friends is what made this book so fascinating and damn uncomfortable. At one point we see through the eyes of a character who is being unwound and my heart was literally racing as I read… it was just…unimaginable. Guys, if you can stomach this truly difficult concept and dive into this book, you should. At the very least Unwind is a truly unique and utterly thought provoking concept.

Fortunately the horror of the story is both softened and made more poignant by Connor, Lev and Risa three unwinds who have gone AWOL (not all by choice) and are running for their lives. The beauty of these kids is that they are kids and while their tale of adventure and redemption is catalyzed by just about the most insane set of circumstances ever conceived, their all too typical adolescent struggles provide that touch  innocence this book so desperately needs.

Connor, I must admit, had the story that truly broke my heart. (Although I feel terrible saying that because ALL of the stories, even the kinda evil kid’s left me emotionally ravaged) But the truth is I related the most to Connor..  I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I was T.R.O.U.B.L.E capitol T and all that jazz. Really, I was quite the challenge (For serious y’a’ll my parents had a book called “Dealing with your Difficult Child”). And that’s who Connor was. He was difficult. But unlike me he didn’t have parents who saw that our greatest gifts and our greatest faults are often one and the same. Rather, he had shithead parents who decided that it would be better for everyone to have him unwound. And that was what killed me about Connor’s story this idea that parents who may have at one time loved him just… gave up… thought he could be put to better use in bits than as “Connor”…Gah!! Which is too bad because Connor was pretty awesome. Indeed he was hot tempered and stubborn as hell but he had that heart of gold that made him impossible not to love. Even when he was doing stupid things and making terrible decisions… he was a good guy and a worthy “hero”.

Risa on the other hand was an example of a perfectly lovely child (and a smart, tough caring and all-round great character) who simply had the misfortune of being a ward of the state. See in the world of the book abortion is illegal but a practice called “Storking” (Which is exactly what it sounds like ie: leaving an unwanted baby on a doorstep) is perfectly acceptable. The unsuspecting families who get “storked”can choose to keep the baby or they can turn the child into a state home. Which is where we find Risa, an unwanted teenager who’s only hope at remaining whole is to be the BEST at something…anything… Well it turns out Rise is a freaking amazing piano player but she’s not the best and so it’s decided that rathar than continue to feed and clothe her, those lovely piano playing hands deserve a chance to live a better life on someone elses body…

And then there’s Lev…. Lev was a supreamly uncomfortable character but he also underwent the greatest transformation (and y’all KNOW I love character development). So Lev it turns out is a “Tithe.” (The 10% that super religious families gift to god which is usually money but in this case was a child). Tithes in this world are unique in that they have always known that they would be unwound and unlike the children who are deemed “not good enough” or “troubled” they are not ashamed of their fates… Lev in fact is horrified to find himself  “rescued” and on the run. In the first half of the book he is fighting madly to make his way back to “Happy Jack Camp”and fulfill his destiny. However… the longer Lev is on his own and the more he experiences the more he questions his role in the world and the value of life (his and those of all the unwinds). Lev goes on a journey separate from Connor and Risa that shapes him and leads him to make decisions that ultimately play a role in the fate of all the characters.

So, while Unwind is an incredibly exciting and gloriously thought provoking read if I had one complaint I’d say that amidst the action, adventure and philosophy there was a decisive lack of in depth character development. Connor and Risa, were worthy heroes sure, they fought for each other and the lives of those around them and when push came to shove they tried to do the right thing. But somewhere amidst all the dramatics of running for your life and maybe changing the world along the way something about them felt a little flat (and not just because their love story was underdeveloped). And while Lev seemed to have a little more substance I wanted more from him, from all of them. Interestingly enough some of the side characters like CyFi (a kid who lives with a portion of an unwind’s brain and subsequently his personality) and the Admiral (one of the few adults in this book who’s motivations are a source of tension) seem to have more fully developed personalities.

That being said though, this book haunted me… its’s still haunting me. Sometimes when I get into a reading frenzy and devour one book right after another I have a hard time pulling apart some of the plot points and characters in my brain later. (that might be why I have a tendency to re read so regularly) Not this book.. this one stands alone in my mind and I’ve caught myself thinking about it over and over again in the weeks since I finished.

I may not have loved all the feelings I had while reading Unwind; anger, terror, disgust, sadness and just enough joy to make it all worthwhile but I truly, truly appreciated that it made me feel them. Like so many of us I read to escape from the world.. but I also read to examine it. I want the books I read to be a classroom that functions to teach me about life and challenges me to ask the tough questions that may never have satisfying resolutions.

The news these days is full…full of darkness and what a book like Unwind reminds us is that there is never a “simple” answer. No one crusade will save us. Sometimes the best we can do is simply to keep asking questions.


So tell me what you think? Do you still read dystopia (or have you jumped off that bandwagon?) if so why?? 

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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters who I want with me in a Zombie Apocalypse.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks theme is: Top Ten Characters who (fill in the blank). At first I couldn’t think of anything and I had almost decided to skip this one when is hit me ZOMBIES!! Obviously I want to talk about zombies!

The thing about me is that I am married to a guy who writes horror stories, loves zombies and is an all round SUPER GEEK. As a result we spend an inordinate amount of time formulating our zombie apocalypse survival plan…. While the apocalypse is never ideal I think survival is all about teaming up with the right people with the right skill set. So I’ve decided  to take this Top Ten Tuesday opportunity to compile the best Zombie survival posse EVER 🙂


The Warriors.

Katniss: The Hunger Games. I don’t even need to explain why right?? This chick is zombie apocalypse GOLD, she’s got mad skills with that bow (and as we all know from The Walking Dead a bow and arrow is the best way to kill zombies and hunt food since it’s quiet), she understands the wilderness, she knows her plants and she is one hell of a survivor….  If I only got to pick one person on this list to face the zombia apocolypse with it would be Katniss (if she would have me… which she probably wouldn’t). She may not be the most brilliant or the absolute deadliest but I feel like she is the perfect mix of skills and honorable intentions (plus she isn’t super duper attached to a love interest) and I intimately understand the motivations that drive her.

Perry: Under the Never Sky. He makes the list for almost all the same reasons Katniss does, he is magic with a bow and he can survive in the wilderness. Then of course he’s got those “senses” I’m not totally sure how the Scire thing will help (maybe preemptively knowing when all the strong personalities on this list are going to come to blows??)  but the “Seer” sight will be hella useful for spotting the undead!

Roar:Under the Never Sky. Ok… maybe this is cheating to have him too BUT I LOVE ROAR and his skills are a little different from Perry’s. First of all he is deadly in so many ways (*swoons*)but most relevantly with knives (which again, is a very good way to kill zombies without attracting other zombies), and his “Aud” sense will be exceptionally useful (he would be able to tell if there were walkers moving around in that creepy abandoned house we need to get into for some random reason). The other thing that Roar has going for him is a sense of humor!! Morale is crazy important in an apocalypse and Roar is possibly the least serious character on this list. Plus he sings! He and Katniss can perform duets!! *Katniss glares at me*

June & Day: Legend. You knew I’d squeeze them in didn’t you!!! Seriously though how could I leave them off this list? Speaking of which, I put them together for two reasons: 1. Because you can’t separate them again!!! And 2. Because together they are a perfect zombie apocalypse team. June is brilliant and skilled at strategy and combat (when it’s time to defend our compound she’s our girl) and Day is resourceful as hell and impossible to catch (unless you’re June) he wouldn’t need to fight the zombies on the ground to get into a hospital for antibiotics  or a warehouse for supplies, he would just parkour his ass right on in there and get us what we need easy as pie.

Ender: Enders Game. Ender is the commander of all commanders he was literally bread to be THE leader. We. Will. Need. Him.  The issue with this group is that almost everyone so far is a leader… Ender will intuitively know how to properly use them all to their best advantage so that our survival crew can operate without drama. While Ender has zero wilderness skills he is just as ruthless as he is empathetic and that will serve him well, you had better believe he won’t be getting eaten any time soon!! The other thing Ender’s got going for him is his innate ability to understand and annihilate the enemy. Eventually we are going to need to figure out how to kill all the zombies and save our planet…this happens to be exactly what Ender does best!

The Rebuilders.

Peeta: The Hunger Games. I know, I know why does Peeta make it but I didn’t even give Gale the time of day?? Well, Perry had Gale’s skills but with useful additions so he made the list instead, (times are tough in the zombie apocalypse … you’ve got to make hard choices) Plus I wasn’t gonna deal with love triangle drama. ANYWAY, so Peeta makes the list because he is strong enough to survive (so long as some mean author doesn’t run him into a force field) the initial apocalypse but he has skills we will need to rebuild our lives. That fresh bread and knowledge of grains is going to be a huge commodity once we get wherever it is we are going!

Cara: Insurgent. We will need scientists… Ideally we would have had someone with Jeannine Matthews research/lab skills but there was NO WAY IN HELL she was gonna make the cut! She probably caused the zombie apocalypse!!! So Cara was the next best thing, she’s a sciency Erudite with lab experience and she’s tough enough to survive.

Chubs: The Darkest Minds. If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a zombie there’s not much we can do for you… maybe Perry or Roar would chop off an arm or a leg if they can get to you fast enough…but other than that you’re pretty much dunzo…. However not all injuries are fatal, at least not if they are properly treated and that’s why we will be needing Chubs. This kids got skillz with disinfectant wipes and sutures, if there is no doctor to be found (and I couldn’t come up with one) he’s a pretty decent substitute! He’s also obsessively organized and always willing to provide a nice little dose of realism to all the idealists in our crew. Oh yeah and he’s got that whole telekinetic blue team power going! But most importantly he’s got us covered for books! (WE STILL NEED OUR BOOKS!!!).


The Bait

Bella: Guys, I don’t know if you read Twilight or if you dodged the bullet and missed that train all together. But Bella’s super power is pretty much being a supernatural magnet with absolutely ZERO instincts for self preservation. She is also amazingly good at being saved and offering herself as bait…  I mean HELLO!!! She was essentially born to play the role of Zombie bait! I imagine she would be more than happy to stand in a clearing and wait for a horde of zombies to smell (or whatever zombies do) her delicious blood while the warriors wait in the trees to take them down!


So I know this isn’t my most diverse TTT list ever (I just couldn’t get those apocalypsish books I’ve been reading out of my head) and I think I’m missing some pretty important characters… Like a real doctor or a few more scientists for example…I thought about adding an Amity to farm buuuuutttt Eh…Peeta will just have to figure that one out!

Do you have a zombie apocalypse survival plan? Who would YOU add to this list?


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The Liebster Blog Award


The Liebster Blog Award is typically given to blogs that have fewer than 300 followers and is an opportunity for people to learn a little bit more about these blogs. I was recently nominated by two other fantastic bloggers for this award  Amanda’s Nose in a Book & Wine goes best with a good book. (sorry it took me SO LONG to post…Procrastination should be added to the deadly sins…or is that part of sloth?). I know some blogs are award free and I totally get/respect that but I have followed a bunch of cool blogs through some of these awards so I’m game!  And I very much appreciate the ladies who thought of me! 🙂

Here are the rules:

  • List 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you.
  • Ask 11 new questions to 9 bloggers with less than 200 followers. You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you.
  • Go to their blog and tell them that they have been nominated!

11 Facts about me:

1. I’m in my late twenties but I read a lot of YA because I think the stories are often more hopeful/fun than a lot of adult fiction. The world is already serious enough I’d much rather read about young people saving it than adults making it worse.

2. I’m married to a writer who is even more geeky than I am. It’s pretty fantastic because there is no judging in our house and we  bounce all our geeky ideas off of each other and our bookshelves are full of amazingness.

3. I have a BFA in Theatre but I’ll be going to medical school in the fall.

4. At this point I’m most interested in pediatric emergency medicine but we’ll see how that plays out in 4 years.

5. I will be a D.O don’t know what that is??? Check out this link. 🙂

6. I grew up on a beautiful little Island in Florida.

7. But….I moved to Chicago for college and never left. (I think this makes me crazy)

8. I love running (cuz it’s free) and I’ve run marathons and half marathons…they aren’t really fun to do but they are lots of fun to finish.

9. In my theatre days I may or may not have had an alter ego who was a burlesque dancer.

10. I was a competitive figure skater when I was a kid. (In FL…yep)

11. I have two little sisters (also in their twenties) and they are my best friends.

These are the questions from Amanda’s Nose in a Book (such a great blog!!!)

1.Why did you start blogging? Honestly? Because my sister was not keeping up with all the books I kept trying to force her to read and I really, really NEEDED to talk to someone about them. I was afraid she might stop speaking to me if I didn’t find another outlet for all the book chatter going on in my head.

2.What is the first book you can honestly say that you fell in love with? Island of the Blue Dolphins. I spent weeks upon weeks in my backyard pretending to be Karana. (I even tried to make my own clothing out of nature…yeah.)

3.Other than reading and blogging, what are your hobbies? Running. And I have recently started writing more but I have no story of my own to tell just lots of scenes and characters that flit through my head.

4.What are your guilty pleasures (books/tv shows/movies)? Things with vampires. Yeah….. I know.

5.If you could switch places with any fictional character, who would you choose? Oh geez. Probably Hermione and here’s why: She’s brilliant, she can do magic for heavens sake! (Brilliantly) And really, who doesn’t want to go to Hogwarts??

6.Do you have any other blogs? If so, what do you blog about? If not, What would you blog about if you had another one? Nope. I am almost too technologically challenged for this one (guys seriously…how do I make it prettier?) If I had another it would probably be about school and medicine. It would be sadder and more intense and a lot less fun…I’ll stick with book blogging for now.

7.What are your top 3 favorite television shows of all time? Hmmmm…What about my top 3 right now?

The Walking Dead.

Game of Thrones

American Horror Story

8.If you won a free vacation to any place of your choosing, where would you go? Scotland for a Scotch tour.

 9.If you could only bring 3 books with you on that vacation, which ones would you choose? Unwholly, Seraphina, Dreams of Gods and Monsters 

10.Who is your favorite band or singer? Currently? Mumford and Sons , Imagine Dragons and Florence and the Machine.

11.Why do you think they want us to ask an odd number of questions?

11 is a kickass number!! Here are some very cool facts about the number 11. 


And THESE are the questions from Caroline over at Wine goes best with a good book (also amazing)!

1. What encouraged you to start blogging, and what is the message you are trying to send? Started blogging for my sis 🙂 I don’t know if I have a message but I really love DISCUSSING books… I want to tall you about the things I learn from the books I read and I’m curious to know if others thought what I did…


2. Most influential book? Probably all of the Harry Potters because they fed my imagination in a way no other story ever has… and I think they saved my life for realz y’all once or twice.

3. What is your go to activity on a rainy day? Umm Reading… isn’t that everyones??

4 . How has your career/school interest helped you with your blog? Oh geez.. I use this as escapism so not much crossover… I suppose being a theatre major round one of school taught me to get into the minds and hearts of characters.

5. What character do you think represents you the best? I really WISH it was June Iparis from Legend or Katniss from HG or Hermione from (If I have to tell you that we can’t be friends) But… I think it’s Chubs from The Darkest Minds or Zu from Daughter of Smoke and Bone or perhaps John in Legend (I guess I’m a secondary character in my head).

6. Book or e-reader? BOTH if a book is great I MUST own it in BOTH!!!!

7. How have your travels helped you with your writing? Wish I had traveled 😦

8. What’s the one piece of advise you’d give your younger self (you can tell I’m reaching here)? CHILL chickadee… Is allll gonna be ok. Even when it’s not, it is. You will survive and you will learn.

9. How do you feel about your career, is your blog a way for you to escape that and do something that truly interests you? Well… my career will be school soon right now I just have a job… but yes the blog/reading is an escape 🙂

10. Where do you go to blog/write? My reading chair.

11. What is the most beneficial thing you think will come from this award? Hopefully I will find new people who want to chat about books with me… Guys, I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOKS!! *Crazy grin*

And NOW I nominate all these awesome people who’s blogs keep me entertained  on a daily basis.

Geeky Musings From a Nerdy Girl  

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Mhairi Reads 

Geekandbooknerds’s Blog

Strawberry Blonde Books

A Letter for Justin Alcala (Full disclosure this is my husband… but his blog is really great!)

And HERE are my questions for YOU 🙂

1.Why did you start blogging?

2. If you were going to recommend one book to everyone what would it be?

3.Do you have a soundtrack for the books you read?

4. What are your guilty pleasure reads?

5. Did you grow up in a reading family or discover a love of reading on your own?

6. What books have most influenced your life?

7. What are your top 3 favorite books right now?

8. Do you have a story to tell? Have you already started writing it?

9.What is your favorite classic ?

10. Are you a bit of a book geek or fangirl (boy) ?? Do you have a deep dark geek secret/story to share?

11. It’s the Zombie apocolypse!!! AHHHHHHH!!!  Whats your survival plan?

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The False Prince.


Book blogging has been an interesting experience for me so far. I had no idea for example that my TBR list would suddenly increase by a factor of 1000, I also didn’t realize that I would now have less time to actually READ all those amazing books because I was busy trying to come up with clever things to say about the books I had managed to read. (to be fair it’s not just the blog…I’ve roped myself into a few other writing projects lately…I may confess to those at some future point, or I may not…it’s a mystery!)

On the other hand blogging has also done exactly what I had hoped it would and  connected me with other amazing bookish people. Who have coincidentally introduced me to many, many kickass books that I would not otherwise have read. I suppose it’s not that coincidental since lots of book nerds seem to share my desperate need to pass on the latest phenomenal book they just finished. (Hence my now bottomless well of TBR books).

The other side effect of blogging that I’ve noticed is that writing about all these books has provided me with a better understanding of  what makes a story sing to my soul. I love a lot of different genre’s but it turns out that many of the books I hold closest to my heart, read over and over and slip into unsuspecting people’s purses share certain traits

One of those qualities is a sassy character. Lord have mercy on my soul, but I do so love a mouthy character with a heart of gold. I am fairly certain that someday I will wake up to discover that I am the mother of a teenager who is soaked in sarcasm and dipped in snark and when that happens I shall rue the day I typed these words…. but until then I will continue to relish in characters who solve as many problems as they cause (lots) with clever witticisms. (In my defense the heart of gold part is pretty important too… and I hope that I can find it in myself to raise childrem with that aspect as well.)

Which brings me to the book…yeah, I was always gonna get there eventually.

The main character in this trilogy ‘Sage’ is just about the most brazen, smart-mouthed character I have ever met. I LOVED him…  There was a smirk on my face for the whole four days I spent reading the series. Unfortunately I think that characters like Sage encourage my own dry sarcasm to spring forth from it’s safe place in my head right on out into the world.  And it’s possible that while reading this book I may have tried to parkour myself around the office whilst explaining to one of my bosses what that is (it was a loooooong week last week.) So, the moral of my story here is that sometimes books are a bad, albeit very entertaining, influence on me. I’m probably WAY too old for that but….Eh.

Right then. So Sage is clever and sassy with great personal development and story arc. And it has to be said that the author deserves credit and a cookie for some very carefully crafted storytelling when it comes to Sage’s backstory. More on that later (I promise to warn you before I get all spoilery). While initially this book may seem like a pretty standard Robin Hood meets The Artful Dodger with a pinch of Anastasia (you know totally standard) fantasy I assure you it is not.

In truth, The False Prince is a somewhat lighthearted fantasy novel (excellent break from Unwind which I read right before) but it is still brilliantly written and smart as hell! It did not take long at all to fall right into this well told story of an orphan boy rejected by his family and left to fend for himself who gets roped (literally) into a wildly treasonous plot to steal the crown. Of course, since the main character is made entirely of self serving (or so you think) sarcasm and mischief that makes Loki look like a freaking amateur things do not go particularly well for Connor who is the self righteous mastermind behind the plot. Cue awesomeness!

This was one of those books that you read in one sitting and then look around at the world and wonder what happened to your day. “Oops! Were you talking to me? What do you mean we need to eat dinner?” or better yet, “Holy hell!! how did it get to be 3am?? I have to be at WORK in a few hours…Oh well thats what espresso shots are for!” Guys, I think my husband is a pretty cool guy for putting up with the ipad glow most nights not to mention the fact that I have a tendency to talk OUT LOUD to my books (you do that too right??).  Anyway once things got going, which was almost immediately all three of the books were very, very, very hard to put down.

And then there was the plot twist…. WARNING.WARNING.WARNING semi-spoilers (although I’m still being careful) and all such nonsense.

So the truth is I had the twistyness pretty much figured out… I think after you’ve read a certain number of books it’s pretty hard to hide things like that especially from readers like me who LOVE to look for nuances and read between the lines. (Also my Mother’s  family are all obsessive readers and one of the genre’s that gets passed around the most are murder mysteries…I’ve literally read hundreds of them so it’s habitual to look for clues and hints that things are not as they seem) But here’s the thing, just because I thought I knew what was coming didn’t mean I was confident in my diagnosis…I wasn’t. Nielsen was SO incredibly clever about the way she wrote the main character’s life history. In fact I HIGHLY recommend going back and rereading the first book once you finish the series just to experience all the double meanings beneath every single thing Sage says… It’s pretty darn brilliant!

I lovelovelove smart books, the Erudite in me just gets all weak in the knees and stuff.

And while we are talking about smart books and things that make me fluttery I’d just like to take this opportunity to provide further proof that I am a little crazy and confess that this book was recommended to me by a whole group of fellow readers who share my obsession with the Legend Trilogy…. I KNOW…I KNOW it’s like the 5th time I’ve mentioned that book in another review….I can’t help it!! I still haven’t found it’s equal. Anyway… I think these ladies are single handedly responsible for about 75% of my now infinite TBR list….but that’s ok because many of those books like this one share a certain charm (or a bold as brass street smart character) with that other book that I can’t quite seem to get over. (BTW let’s just take a sec to sell that one again… Hey bloggy friends! Have you read Legend yet?? It’s really good… here’s what I thought Of Legend, Prodigy and Champion in case you missed it! Have a lovely day!!! *Grins like a crazy person* )

Ok…I’m done 🙂 Back to The False Prince. The only issue I had with the book was that other than Sage I wasn’t super, super attached to the secondary characters…Especially the love interests, did Imogen even count as a love interest in this book?? I’m not sure… Anyway, by The Runaway King (book 2) I was more invested in Mott, Tobias, Roden & Imogen (Book 2 might have been my favorite) and that was helpful. That aside this was a truly, truly fantastic story… you should read it!!! And if by chance you HAVE you should chat with me about it!!

Buuuutttt ….If you haven’t picked it up yet and I haven’t managed to convince you of it’s amazingness here are the links to the False Prince reviews by the bloggers (and fellow Legend fangirls) who sold me. Check them out! Their blogs are awesome and I think they do a MUCH better job than I did at talking about the actual book! Loving the Language of Literacy & The Book Landers.

And now I shall leave you with 2 questions:

1. Is there a character type or plot device that just steals your heart and makes you fall instantly in love with a book?

2.How do you do that nifty thing where you hide spoilers with a link or something?? Id really love to figure that one out…..


Have a glorious day!!!

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Top Ten Tuesday. Unique books.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks theme is Top Ten most unique books I’ve read.

I had a lot of fun with this one because it took me beyond the universe of all the books I’ve been reading lately and reminded me of some of the amazing gems I’ve encountered along my bookish journey over the years.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Rebecca Skloot.


This is the mind blowing true story of HeLa cells, the first immortal cell line that literally shaped medicine as we know it. (Seriously guys check out the link.) And of Henrietta Lacks the very real,very unaware (and coincidentally non-consenting) tissue donor who suffered and died from the cervical cancer that the immortal cell line was derived from. This book is an amazing (unique) read even if you have no idea what telomeres are. It asks tough questions about medical ethics, life, death, society and racism all in a very readable and relatable way.

Oh and hey BTW speaking of medical ethics……..

Unwind: Neal Shusterman


I just finished this one over the weekend and it was far and away one of the weirdest most disturbing YA dystopia/Sci-fi/Speculative fiction (I’m not actually sure where it fits) books I have ever read. But WOW!! Wowwowowowowowowowowow….When was the last time you read a book that made your heart race?? Before this one I honestly can’t remember but there was a chapter in this book that described an unwinding and my heart felt like it would leap out of my chest! I still haven’t totally worked out all my feelings over here and I’ll discuss this book more  sometime in the near future but suffice it to say I’ve already started the second. As uniqueness goes this one is floating all alone in the sea of other books in it’s genre (whatever that is) on a Frankenstein boat of nightmares.


Speaker for the Dead: Orson Scott Card


This is the second book in the Ender’s series and while I loved Enders Game this one was certainly more “Unique” a little less scifi a little more philosophy. Just the concept of a “Speaking for the Dead” is uniquely captivating and the story is an incredible continuation of Andrew Wiggins’ story (just DON’T READ Xenocide unless you enjoy bashing your head against walls…It’s also Unique but it tears poor Ender’s life apart AGAIN and I DID NOT NEED THAT!!!!!…Apparently I’m still bitter about it.)

A Wrinkle in Time: Madeline L’engle


This is one of the  most extraordinary books I have ever read. It has like 10 cover designs but I chose this one because it’s the version I carried around with me everywhere I went when I was in 5th grade. In the years since then I have read this book many times over and I never cease to be amazed by how intelligent it is. Madeline L’engle taught me the value in never speaking down to children. Years later when I found myself fascinated in concepts of theoretical physics, worm holes, string theory etc. (despite my general suckishness when it comes to math) I would never forget that L’engle sparked my curiosity.

In fact without A Wrinkle in Time I never would have read…..

The Universe in a Nutshell: Stephen Hawking


Guys, this book is SO COOL. Hawking did not write this for physicists… he wrote it for all the rest of us who may or may not have any knowledge of physics beyond F=ma and just want to delve a little deeper into the fabric of our existence. Plus it’s got great pictures!

The Night Circus: Erin Morgenstern. (Is that her real name?? If it is it’s BADASS! If it’s not I’m still a fan.)

TheNightCircuskhgkjhdaf’ghoierhg’lidfh’ljijsgknSLKDGhhuoeuh thats how I feel about this book. All soft and melty and stuff. Aggghhhhh it’s just SO gorgeous and mystical and awesome and beautiful and jsgkjhs’ghoihgslh no. words. none. Actually, that’s pretty unique for me…. 😉

Born on a Blue Day: Daniel Tammet


This book was written by a man with autism and unique is probably the very  best word to describe it. This man’s brain is singular and extraordinary. I am still astounded by his  description of the way words and numbers appear to him. If you ever get a chance to read this one…Do. It will change the way you look at the world.

Lord of the Rings (Trilogy): J.R.R. Tolkien (obviously)


I’m going with unique because this trilogy is basically the bible of fantasy. Tolkien created a hugely complex universe that spawned a million billion others that made my life a better (more unique) place.

Anything by Christopher Moore: A Dirty Job, Lamb the Gospel According to Biff and Coyote Blue are 3 of my favorites.



This guy is completely nuts… But everything he writes is thoughtful, intuitive and oh yeah HILARIOUS. Unique does not even begin to describe him.

Odd Thomas: Dean Koontz


Ummmmmm… this characters name just about sums it up, yeah? But I’ve got to tell you that this beautiful, sad & terrifying little story about a short order cook who also happens to be the sweetest guy you ever did meet with supernatural senses is worth reading. Oh Odd… I just want to hug him.

So that’s my list…

 What was on your list? Did it surprise you? Anything on my list you loved or you’re just dying to read??

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You know how sometimes you have 1.7 million books on your TBR list but then someone comes along and recommends a book you’ve never heard of and you just drop everything and read it??

That happened to me with Proxy.

It’s no secret that I’ve been fangirling pretty hard over the Legend series (have I mentioned that one?? I can’t quite recall…) Anyway, the other day someone who loves Legend almost as much as I do (possibly more, I’m not sure, we can hash that out later or maybe we can share?) recommended this book to me and I didn’t even read the blurb I just bought the book and dove right on in head first.

And you know what….It was an excellent decision. Sometime you just have to trust your book buying gut. (and recommendations from people who are as obsessed as you).  Proxy is a fantastic story and an exciting read. It broke my heart in all the right ways and made me think. (Thinking is such fun, yeah?.. dissecting the world through the medium of books is one of my favorite things…raindrops on roses are nice too).

Another thing I love is when an author takes a classic story or theme and reimagines it. (Robin McKinley is one of my all time favorite authors for exactly this reason her versions of classic fairy tales are AMAZING). Proxy it turns out is a dark and dynamic take on The Whipping Boy (which was already pretty dark). It has been a very long time since I read that book but I remember it stuck with me enough that it has a place on my bookshelf to this day (I have a whole separate bookshelf dedicated to my collection of childhood favorites and classics from picture books to Newberys and everything in between…Maybe I’ll highlight a few in a post someday.)

Anyway, Proxy is set in a futuristic, high-tech, post-apocalyptic, dystopian America (my favorite). Where the rich are insanely outrageously in control of the lives and assets of the entire society and the poor are so deeply in debt (often from the moment they are born) that many are forced to pay their “debt” as Proxies (or whipping boys) to the wealthy. While the idea of legalized torture as a means to teach lessons to snotty rich kids may seem absurd the vast disparity of wealth distribution and the overwhelming debt situation facing the average young american is not…

Maybe I sound a little pessimistic and paranoid and my liberal is showing for sure….But is it really that hard to imagine a time in the not so distant future where we would sell ourselves to companies in exchange for the latest technology or more importantly life saving medications and treatment? Perhaps that’s why I love these dystopian books so much. I love the what if’s and even more than that I love the stories of the people who fight the system and save the world. I like the darkness but I love the hope (maybe I’m not such a pessimist after all).

As much as I gravitate to these stories for the subject matter at the end of the day I don’t love a book unless I connect with the characters. The three main characters in Proxy are amazing. I love them. (From here on out things are a little spoilery, not much but a little soo…reader beware).

Knox was that guy you love to hate until you suddenly realize you actually love him. Exactly one second into this book I was thinking “Ugh, ew! I certainly hope this isn’t the main character.” (this may have had something to do with the seemingly vapid girl he was in the car with and the annoying text conversation they were having). But he was a main character and his story was arguably the most important.

Knox is the poor little rich boy you have zero sympathy for until you start to understand the deep dark emptiness this character carries around in his soul. Still, his internal suffering wouldn’t be enough to conquer his horrifying apathy if he didn’t have a pretty extraordinary character arch. Which he does. Whew!

Sydney (Syd) on the other hand is instantly likeable; strong and sympathetic he has the terrible misfortune of being Knox’s Proxy (Knox was basically a demon child and Syd has paid in blood sweat and tears for it…literally). Syd is also chapter 11 (gay) and that brings a really interesting dynamic to the story.  I appreciate how the author treated Syd’s sexual orientation like it was just part of life, just who Syd is…it wasn’t a huge deal and the story did not revolve around it. That’s not to say the author doesn’t tackle some of the tough stuff… he just did it in a natural and understated way.

I felt for Syd, a lot. It was pretty darn impossible not to. His life story was tragic and it pulled at my heart strings in almost every chapter. Syd however. was made of stronger stuff than someone like me. He didn’t much see the point in self pity and so you the reader don’t either… And it makes you love him all the more.

One of the very best parts of this book was watching the brotherhood that forms between Knox and Syd develop. In my last review I confessed that sibling relationships are often the lifeblood of a good book for me and this one was no different. While Knox and Syd are not technically brothers eventually they begin to see each other that way and when they do the truth of it is undeniable. The protectiveness that Knox (and Marie) feel for Syd by the end of this story is right on par with that of any blood sibling.

Which brings me to Marie. Marie was fascinating because she was smart and sassy with a good head on her shoulders…. but she was a crusader and the author had interesting points to make about her stance. Marie’s character certainly spoke to those of us (coughMEcough) who have a tendency to hop right up on our soapboxes and spout wisdoms about issues we may not truly understand. (I maaaayyyy have done that in this very review) I think  I have a lot to learn from Marie….

And then there was the ending…..Holy hell. I finished the book and just stared…stared at the last page for a good five minutes. I was all “NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!” But on the other hand, the tiny sad voice in my heart who loves symmetry and appreciates the beauty of self sacrifice when it is truly necessary thought…. “yes. that was how it needed to be…there was no other way.” The love and growth that sacrifice demonstrated was just gorgeously moving…and of course heartbreaking.


So here’s the thing, I KNOW I’m a little obsessed with this genre right now…and I know a lot of people are super duper over it….But this was a great book and it deserves to be read and discussed!

What do you say?? Maybe you’ll give it a try and we can chat? I DO SO LOVE to chat! 🙂



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The Six Days. ARC review



The Six Days.

I’m so glad I had the chance to read this book. It was lovely.

This is the debut novel for  Giant Squid Books   and I’ve got to say…I was damn impressed. First of all I’m in love with this philosophy:

A publishing community founded by readers to support writers.”

It’s our goal to be the initial publisher for authors who might otherwise self-publish and get lost in the internet void–and fall into self-publishing and marketing scams that charge writers hundreds of dollars. Hopefully, books we publish will get noticed and get read. Connecting stories to readers who are going to love them–that’s the most important thing.

Guys, I’m married to a writer…the whole process is so bloody difficult, (It may actually BE a little bloody) when I read through this publisher’s submission policy and mission statement I was just super, super impressed.  And I’ve got to tell you if The Six Days is anything to go by I think they will have a shot at success.

So here’s the blurb: Note: I don’t usually do this since I’m more of a book “discusser” than a reviewer but I actually DO think you should run on over and buy the book so I’m gonna try and convince you. ; ) (Also I’m going to keep this chat as spoiler free as possible).

Fifteen years ago, in the middle of the night, Jamie Carpenter’s mother went up to the dark lighthouse on the cliffs above their small Maine town. She never came back.

Jamie has spent his whole life trying to forget her. But when his little brother Danny goes missing, Jamie has to face the facts: there is another world beyond the lighthouse–the world his mother came from. And Danny is being held for ransom: his life for the dangerous magical inheritance the Carpenter’s mother left her sons.

Caught in the middle of a war between witches, burdened by deadly family secrets and magic he can’t control, Jamie Carpenter has a whole new universe to search if he’s going to put together the pieces of the puzzle left behind by his mother and save his brother’s life. And he’s going to have to do it fast–because in six days the gate between worlds will close again.

For good.

And here’s what I thought:

Sometimes a story just opens and it has a feel to it…you know what I mean? Like you can taste the air, smell the grass, feel the rain… That’s what this one was like. I was drawn in immediately by the feel of the world. I felt like I’d been in that rickety old house, walked the streets of the small mysterious town and tasted the salt in the air from the ocean…  And when the world changed and grew into a gorgeous magical place filled with all the dreams and nightmares of any good fantasy tale I was just as invested.

Anyway this book has a feel and it’s kind of a beautiful one.  It also has parallel universes, magic and adventure so it was pretty much right up my ally….  But I must admit what really hooked me and kept me up all night reading (and consequently clutching my coffee in the morning) more than anything else was the relationship between the three brothers. Jamie, Calem (Isn’t that a great name?? I’ve already added it to the list of imaginary children’s names my husband will never agree to.) and Danny.

I love sibling trios, the dynamics in a trio are so interesting….(OK! I’ll admit, I’m part of a trio so I’m crazy biased… but pretty much three is the best).  Really though, I LOVE reading about brothers and sisters who would move heaven and hell (or cross dimensions and face down shadows and evil witches) to save each other. It’s what I would do, and as much as I wouldn’t want my little sisters to be in danger I’m pretty sure they would do the same. There is nothing in the world like the ferocity with which you love your siblings. While Cal and Jamie were both equally strong and protective of each other and their little brother, they we also very much individuals and I enjoyed their unique voices.

I am also very VERY glad that their didn’t turn out to be an extremely awkward brotherly love triangle with Nia. (I’ve had more than enough of that ickiness in my weekly guilty pleasure TV show TVD…I’m SO over it at this point).

As much as I truly enjoyed this book there were a few things I was uncertain about.
First of all, the book was written in a third person narrative but the character perspective and tenses shift making things just the tiniest bit confusing.

For example: Jaime seems to be the primary “narrator” when we follow Jamie his voice is past tense (“Jamie said”, “Jamie frowned”…etc). However Cal, Nia and various side characters also take on the role of narrator and when we see things through their eyes the voice is present tense (“Cal is puttering around”, “Nia realizes he is talking”)

At first I was thrown off by these shifts, I flipped back and forth for a few pages and tried to figure out if I was missing something…A few chapters later though, I hardly noticed the  shifting at all. In fact I don’t even remember it in the second half of the book even though it’s still there.

The other thing I was unsure of was Nia….. I know…how can you really enjoy a book and not be sure of the heroine?? I didn’t say I didn’t like her I just said I’m not sure how I felt about her.

Nia has all the difficult choices to make in this book. Really she does. You could argue that the boys make tough choices too but the majority of those revolve around taking care of each other and like I said before when it comes to your siblings  save your brother or save yourself isn’t a difficult choice…it’s just what you do.

Nia on the other hand deals with love, friendship loyalty,  family and personal happiness. Sadly it seems like every single one of those things requires some sort of sacrifice from her. Sometimes I loved her and sometimes I wasn’t her biggest fan. I suppose that actually made her pretty relatable. From MY perspective she made the “right” decision about 80% of the time…

There was that ending…….Aaaagggggghhhh!!!! I think I threw my ipad at the wall…. Tell me, TELL ME there is going to be a second book???!!!!! Please??  I got to the end and kept swiping at the damn screen like “There HAS to be at least another chapter! Or a teaser for the next book!” I think actually said that out loud and woke my husband up (because you know..It was 2am)

That wasn’t exactly a bad thing though…basically I’d dive right back into the world in a heartbeat given half a chance. Really…Author lady…do you hear me??? Can I put in a request?

And really I think that says it all… I loved this world, it was a perfect escape into fantasy from all the hard core nitty gritty Dystopia I’ve been reading lately and I wanted more.

So if you are looking for a great fantasy story and you want to support a very cool new publishing company (and a super talented new author). Here’s the link … enjoy!


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Top Ten Tuesday. Bookish Bucket List.


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by   The Broke and The Bookish. This weeks these is’ Top ten things on my bookish bucket list.


I’m on a countdown over here until I start school again in Aug/July??(I should probably figure that out), Anyway, lately I’ve been feeling like everything I do is part of a bucket list until ^#$ gets real and life clobbers me over the head.

Soooooooo…. Here’s my bookish bucket list : )


1.Read all the books I really WANT to read and none of the books I feel guilty for having blown off..


2. Read all the books people I trust recommend/give me. This directly conflicts with the last one…I know, It’s a dichotomy.


3.Stop feeling guilty for whatever I do end up reading.


4.Write something…someday. I’m not a writer. I don’t particularly want to be a writer the world NEEDS people who are just enthusiastic readers to read all of the beautiful work you amazing writing types put out. With that said….I know I will need a creative outlet to balance out the sciency stuff, a place for my creative side to go and live. I have all sorts of half baked characters and scenes running through my head so maybe someday I’ll see if I can find them a story…If only just for me.


5.Author interview. This one seems to be on a lot of lists and quite frankly I really just want to run into one of my favorite authors in a coffee shop or a bar and pick their brains/wax poetic about how much I love their story. Can I arrange that? Drinks on me…


6.Figure out how to make this blog prettier….yeah. I suck at technology. Any thoughts??


7. Buy 3 or 4 more of those floor to ceiling bookshelves from Ikea…I totally don’t need that new couch.


8. Increase my book collection (because now I have more bookshelves!!) Collect first editions and signed copies of my favorites & make sure I have every book I even half way loved in hardcover or paperback. Scour antique shops for cool editions of old books (I have the neatest medical text from the early 1900′s)


9.Get another job to pay for this habit…wait, I’m starting school again and I’ll already be a HOUSE in debt… Anyone want to be my patron?


10.Give more books as gifts… I believe reading is a culture. It needs to be nurtured and encouraged…Ok…the reality is I’m crazy selfish and I really just want to talk to you about whatever I’ve read.


BONUS ROUND 11. Figure out how to work this blog/a computer….I had to add this one when it took me 6 tries to fix this list.


So what was on your list?? Do we share any bookish goals? Do YOU want to be my book patron?

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