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Black Wings Beating

  Oh hey.. it’s been a while! I’m a Doctor now, lol (but seriously tis true and definitely crazy). Anyway, I’ve had the chance to read a few books FOR FUN, soul enrichment and entertainment ect. ect recently and it’s … Continue reading

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It’s true. Sometimes I AM a little embarrassed.

Ok. Don’t jump down my throat… hear me out yeah? I’m trying to dig deep here. This is hard for me because my default setting is pretty much cheerful sarcasm. So I read that article. Probably you know the one… … Continue reading

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Ender’s Game (In which LJ rambles. Mostly about the book)

Confession time: Ender’s Game is a book that floated on the periphery of my literary awareness for ages but I’m ashamed to admit that I passed on it for a long, long time because the old cover was completely unappealing … Continue reading

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